Children’s hairstyles for September 1 for schoolgirls from 1 to 11 grades

There are many ways to please your favorite schoolgirl. And no reason is needed for this. But September 1 is a special day, and therefore the child should be the most elegant and most beautiful. The festive school uniform is probably already hanging in the closet, but the hairstyle for the schoolgirl on the day of knowledge has yet to be thought about.

What kind of hairstyle should a girl make on September 1? The best options from the COLADY editorial staff.

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Hairstyles for girls on September 1 – fashion trends of children’s hairstyles for schoolgirls

September 1 is always a transition to a new, adult level for teenage schoolchildren, and even more so for first graders. And, of course, any girl on this day wants to be irresistible. And in my mother’s hands is that image of a schoolgirl, which will not cause complaints from teachers, and will be distinguished by originality.

See also the most stylish hairstyles for September 1 for school boys.

What other hairstyle can you do for your daughter?

  • French braid.
    A traditional option that remains fashionable at all times for girls of all ages. There can be two or one such braids, and the direction of weaving can also differ – for example, from ear to ear. It is not necessary to fasten the braids with bows – you can use any fashion accessories and even flowers, which, in turn, can be combined with a beautiful bouquet for September 1 in the hands of a schoolgirl.
Beautiful hairstyles for September 1 for school girls
Photo @ lena.mallena
  • Basket, shell, bagels, fish tail, etc.
    Weaving options are many. It all depends solely on your imagination and the type of tape (hair clip).
Beautiful hairstyles for September 1 for school girls
Photo @zara_hairstylist
  • Hairstyles for short hair.
    With a short haircut, you can curl the ends of the hair outward or, conversely, inward, and put on a beautiful hoop for your child (by the way, you can decorate the hoop yourself).
  • Curls
    For curled curls, accessories may not be needed. Although a beautiful hairpin or flower in your hair does not hurt. Also, curls can be stabbed at the temples with small hairpins or invisible pins with rhinestones.
  • High tail.
    It can also be curled into large curls. It is better to choose a neutral gum itself (for example, blue velvet), and you can decorate your hairstyle with special hair pearls and sequin varnish.

The basic rule when choosing a hairstyle is not to overdo it. That is, overly pretentious designs will be simply inappropriate for September 1. And do not forget that a daughter with this hairstyle will have to go through at least 3-4 hours. Therefore, in order not to spoil her holiday, do not tighten your child’s pigtails or ponytails too tight

Bows for September 1 for girls – create a festive mood for your beloved schoolgirl

Schoolgirls and their mothers begin to prepare for their first school lineup since the beginning of summer. By the end of August, as a rule, all that remains is to buy the necessary little things and choose elegant bows. In principle, bows are gradually becoming a thing of the past – they have already been replaced by many beautiful accessories, but many prefer to follow traditions. Bows are suitable for hair of any length – this versatile hairstyle, but experts do not recommend choosing too voluminous bows for a girl – they make the hairstyle heavier and do not benefit the overall look.

Hairstyles with bows for September 1

Beautiful hairstyles for September 1 for school girls
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  • Ponytails with bows
  • Curls.
  • Braid ribbon and ending in a bow.
  • Headband with bow.
  • Bow from the hair itself.

Just remember that the bow is a decoration, not the main accent of a hairstyle.

What hairstyle for September 1 to choose for a first grader – photo

Beautiful hairstyles for September 1 for school girls
Photo @ shati_89

Thanks to modern styling products and an abundance of accessories, creating an original image for your beloved future schoolgirl is not a problem. While there is time left – experiment with hairstyles and styling, but Do not forget:

  • The child should like the hairstyle.
  • The hairstyle shouldn’t shock teachers.
  • The hairstyle should not bring discomfort to the future schoolgirl.
  • Hairstyle should be appropriate for the holiday. That is, towers of hair and an abundance of shiny decorations for this holiday are definitely not suitable.

Choose the hairstyle that will cheer up your schoolgirl. Still, holiday on September 1 happens only once a year.

Video – what hairstyle to do on September 1

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