Children’s Sermon John 14 23 29

In the Bible, there are several passages about Jesus that can be adapted into a children’s sermon. For example, in Revelation 21:10, Jesus says that he is coming to build a city full of peace, and the people of all nations will come to the city and share in its wealth. This passage is easier to understand for older children, because they are more likely to understand the significance of the life-giving river that flows from the throne of God. In addition to describing the coming city as a paradise, the Gospel of John 14:23-29 is a great choice for younger ones.

The disciples were celebrating Passover with a dinner celebration in the Upper Room when Jesus spoke these words. The disciples weren’t experiencing any suffering during this time, but the Pharisees and Sadducees had been giving Jesus a hard time. However, when they were in the Upper Room, they were celebrating the Passover. As they were eating and drinking, Jesus began talking about suffering, death, and going away.

This is a difficult passage for children to understand, but the message is valuable and inspiring. This passage teaches us that Jesus wants peace for all of us and will return to restore our broken world. As we go through life, we are faced with many challenges, but we can learn from them and use them as a springboard for our spiritual journey. So, as a parent or teacher, try using a Bible translation for children to explain the meaning of Jesus’ words.

A good children’s sermon will incorporate scripture references. In John 14:26, Jesus refers to suffering, death, and going away. The disciples were not experiencing these things at the time, and they were just celebrating the Passover. He then began to talk about suffering, death, and going away. It’s a tough topic for kids to understand, so they’ll need more than just a simple overview of the text.

In John 14, Jesus spoke these words to his disciples in the Upper Room. The disciples were celebrating the Passover festival, but they weren’t experiencing suffering. As they were celebrating the Passover, Jesus suddenly talked about his own death and going away. He had the power to change everything. His words were a sign of his love and his message to his disciples. During the meal, they were celebrating his death and his triumph.

The words Jesus spoke in this sermon are a reminder of the power of love. As he was surrounded by his disciples, they didn’t know what to expect. Their lives were filled with joy and happiness. And as they continued to hear about these words, they began to feel a sense of fear and sorrow. But Jesus’ disciples didn’t feel these emotions. They were just celebrating the Passover.

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