Colady’s stylist told what to wear leggings with a woman

Leggings are one of the most unusual items of women’s wardrobe. They can add originality to almost any look, but they are most often associated with the cold season and knitted items. How to wear leggings correctly so that they add grace and polish to your outfit?

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Women’s leggings – what are they?

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Leg warmers are warm mid-knee stockings. In our country, they first appeared at the end of the 19th century. These were products made of dense fabric or leather, which were worn over shoes.

  • Women’s leggings have gained immense popularity thanks to their aerobics classes. Leggings help your muscles warm up faster and workout more efficiently. In addition, leggings with a tank top and shorts will make your look more sexy.
  • There are sports gaiters designed to protect the shoes from dirt and snow getting inside. They are attached to the laces with special devices. For fans of hiking and extreme sports, this accessory will be very useful in any weather.
  • Bulky knitted leggings look original with home clothes. With their help, you can easily relieve stress from your legs after a hard day’s work.
  • Today women of fashion women’s leggings are used not only for sports. Leggings serve an aesthetic function, complementing everyday looks.
  • For each style of clothing, you can easily choose your own pair, since leggings are both solid and colored.

What to wear with leggings – photo

Now let’s talk a little about what leg warmers can be worn with. We hasten to please you – they are perfectly combined with both skirts and trousers. The main thing is to choose the right color and style.

1. Leggings with a skirt

Leggings with a skirt

The ideal option is a mini-skirt and openwork leggings. A denim skirt is more suitable for a casual style, and a pleated skirt for a schoolgirl style.

If in your closet there is an elegant skirt with lace or guipure, then it will be perfectly complemented by nude tights, black leggings and shoes with heels. leggings below the knee. Don’t forget about moderation. For a plain skirt, crocheted openwork leggings are perfect.
Any style of skirt will work for a smooth texture. But buttons and bows significantly reduce the range of choices, since the image can turn out to be overloaded.

2. Leg warmers with shorts

Colady's stylist told what to wear leggings with a woman

Long leggings work best with shorts. For instance, denim shorts can be easily supplemented with patterned bright accessories. For stricter looks, it is necessary to maintain a uniform color scheme.

Skinny jeans and trousers also look good if tucked into boots and leggings on top. If jeans go well with any shades, then colored trousers must be selected in the same tone with other things.

3. Leggings with pantyhose

Colady's stylist told what to wear leggings with a woman

This combination is quite dangerous, but also very interesting. Leggings of calm shades (brown, beige) can be safely worn with tights of bright colors. This will even out a little and tone down the color spot.

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But you can try to cheer up plain gray, black or nude tights or leggings with bright leggings.

How to wear leggings correctly – little tricks from stylists

What to wear leggings with – the rules from the stylist

To make your look with leggings beautiful, stylists recommend adhering to several rules during its preparation:

  • The longer the dress or skirt, the shorter the leggings, and vice versa;
  • For girls with thin legs, it is best to choose leggings with a transverse pattern, and with full legs, with a longitudinal pattern. This will help hide some of the flaws in your figure;
  • Leggings can be worn both in cold and warm seasons, the main thing is to choose the right texture and fabric. Knitted leggings are well suited for warm things, and thin openwork for light summer dresses;
  • Do not forget to choose the right jewelry for your clothes. So, massive large jewelry is best suited for leggings.

With the help of gaiters, any look can be made individual and bright. During the day, you will definitely catch on yourself more than a dozen admiring glances!

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