Dj Mike Jackson Net Worth

When it comes to the Net Worth of DJ Mike Jackson, there are many things to consider. He is not only a professional DJ, but also a real estate agent, fitness trainer, model, and TV personality. He is also co-owner of Ovation, a luxury cologne. Jackson is 6 feet 2 inches tall and studied audio recording technology at Five Towns College. The following information will help you to find out how much money he has.

DJ Mike Jackson is 45 years old. He celebrates his birthday on November 11th. Although he has not given the exact date of his birth he is most likely a November-born boy. The musician was born in Hempstead (New York) and has one brother, an entrepreneur and author. He has also stated that his family is his inspiration and continues to support him in his life. DJ Mike Jackson is the youngest member of four children and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

His net worth is estimated at around $300 million. While he is famous for his music, he is also a general contractor and fitness buff. His success as an actor, singer, and songwriter is reflected in his net worth. His net worth was also calculated with the help of his family members, including his former wife, Egypt Jackson. Egypt and Mike Jackson share two daughters, Harper and Kendall.

While he may not have been the richest person in the world when he was younger, he did enjoy great success in many fields. As a member of The Sugarhill Gang, he released the groundbreaking single Rapper’s Delight in 1979. He has two children, a daughter named Harper (born September 2013) and a son named Jack (born September 2013). They have appeared together in public, including for documentaries.

During his time in the music industry, he had a variety of roles, including as a general manager of Microsot. His wife, Melinda, married him on New Year’s Day 1994 in Lanai, Hawaii. According to reports, the couple had a combined net worth $6 million by 2021. Jackson has yet to receive any awards for his music, despite this. As a DJ, he has collaborated with some of the biggest acts in the industry. And he was the official DJ of the three-time Grammy Award-winning group, The Product G&B.

Mike Jackson is a musician, a realty agent, a worker for hire and a creator. His wealth is largely derived from his real estate properties, music royalties from past contracts, and his love of life. His net worth is comparable to Egypt Sherrod’s, a 45-year-old wife.

The couple has two children, Harper Skye Jackson and Kendall. Harper Skye Jackson was born in February 2019. She was 20 1/2 inches long and six pounds, thirteen ounces. The couple were married at the West Country Club, New Jersey. There was a stunning view of Garrett Mountain. Jackson and Sherrod will also compete in the HGTV series Rock the Block 2021.

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