Do John And Savannah End Up Together In The Book

When John visits Savannah’s hometown to visit her father, he finds out that she is engaged to Tim. Tim and Savannah met the summer before when Savannah and her dad were building homes. They both have a son, Alan, who has a rare condition. During their time apart, they fall in love and get married. However, Savannah is not happy in her marriage because her friend is ill and she has no idea what to do. Her parents told her that her husband was in a state of a nervous breakdown and that she should marry someone who will help him recover. Nevertheless, she is still in love with John.

Savannah has no idea that her father is autistic, but she has no other choice but to love him anyway. She tells him she loves him and they plan on marrying. She also learns that he will be able to finish his tour in twelve months and settle down with him. Unfortunately, Savannah mentions to John that her father might be on the autism spectrum. This causes John to become angry with Savannah and fights with Tim. In the process, Tim is injured.

At the end of Dear John, he returns to his duty, and Savannah is left to change and move on with her life. But does Savannah stay with him? What does it mean for the plot? In the end, it’s up to you to decide. The book’s ending is very satisfying and will leave you wondering if John and Saranah are going to remain together in the end.

After their separation, Savannah leaves John. They meet again and she writes him a letter. When she leaves, she is engaged to another man. In the epilogue, Savannah writes to John and lets him know she loves him. But the epilogue is the final chapter. The book teaches us that time is of the essence. Whether John and Savannah end up together or not is entirely up to you.

Despite their differences, john and Savannah end up together in the book. While their relationship is strained by Tim’s illness, Savannah and John do not end up together. In the book, he meets her again, after Tim dies. In the film, they are married for years but the novel’s main plot ends long before. They don’t meet again in the film, but they do reunite later. This is done to make the audience happy and satisfy their desires.

Although Savannah is deeply in love with John, she is not able to tell him that she is in love with Tim. As the two meet, they continue to fall in love and eventually start a family. While Tim is attracted to John’s father, Savannah’s father might be on the autism spectrum. As a result, John becomes angry and fights with Tim. He ends up hurting his brother in the process.

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