Eniostil – description of types, characteristics for life and happy relationships

Eniostil, logoThe beautiful word “Eniostil” denotes a technique that is now often used by many, not only in the personal, but also in the professional sphere, since many HR managers prefer to select a team precisely by determining the personality type in different ways.

And in personal life, you can smooth out some unsolvable issues, and it is easier to treat your partner, taking into account his personality type.

What is Eniostil good for?

Eniostile, unlike conventional testing, helps to visually, by phrases in conversation, by external attributes, as well as by many other signs, to determine the stereotypes of human behavior in everyday life. This approach allows us to keep families, find work – and just be happy as we are by nature!

Let’s figure out how Eniostil can help us:

  1. There is no need to tyrannize and adjust yourself to the system of family life “under the yoke” of your beloved husband.
  2. You do not need to work – and at the same time experience difficulties in communicating with the tyrant boss.
  3. You do not need to constantly feel stress from the fact that you are not suitable for someone and break yourself.
  4. You can relax with your parents and have a good relationship rather than confrontation and war between “old and new”.
  5. Children be good friends.

There are so many advantages from knowing the typing system with the help of Eniostil.

There are 8 or 16 personality types according to Eniostil. You can learn this – and better understand people and yourself.

The typing system using Eniostil

Let’s start with North, East, South and West:

  • From South to North upwards is a vertical personality type.
  • From East to West along the horizon – horizontal personality type.
  • There are mixed types: NW and NE, SW and SE.

The bottom line is that behavioral stereotypes fit into the description as follows:

  • Verticals and Horizontals

Verticals set a goal and go exactly to this goal, they are conservatives, new information is difficult for them. But they do not postpone their approach to the goal, no matter how difficult it may be for them. They walk forward. These people sense time and always keep track of it.

Horizontals – today one goal, and tomorrow they can adjust and change it if they need it. They easily accept everything new. Vague in time. But they are more flexible in life. They know how to negotiate, their life is in communication.

North – harsh, practical, these are people of tradition, morality, order. They are responsible and very calculating. These are people of “money”, and they have watches everywhere, even in the toilet. A person who loves uniforms.

South – loving, so sweet and round, sensual. He is more a man of relationships, loves and knows how to make relationships comfortable, and he himself is a very big “soul” of the company. He loves to eat tasty and comfort in life.

Eniostil personality types

  • West and East

West – vain and very self-confident, status and domineering person. Loves expensive food and branded clothing. The credit machine and gold trinkets are about them. Bright, beautiful, memorable people, they know how to show off, and you can see them right away.

These people can get whatever they want: women – men they like, jobs they want, they know how to live how they want. These are more leaders.

East – all in himself, thinking and very closed. They are called “space people from the future.” Thin, graceful, they have life “in the head”. Money to these people comes from “thoughts”. It is difficult to get along with people, alone they are better and calmer, rather, they need to be looked after. They are quiet in themselves, but inside there is a rich world of imagination.

The East will never marry unless he is dragged to the registry office by force, but this is only the East.

Clothes with different “baubles” and strange decorations. They are not friends with watches.

In personal relationships, verticals are very difficult to get along with horizontals.if they don’t agree on how to live. But in the work of the vertical, there are always leaders, so you can give the reins of government to them at home, in your personal life.

The greatest difficulties and differences in careers for verticals and horizontals… Verticals go slowly but surely, up the stairs in their careers. And horizontals can immediately get to the position of director, since the East is a person of an interesting idea. As well as Western people, whom it is impossible not to remember by their status appearance and leadership vein.


Horizons always inspire the world for change and further development – even in the office, even just in Life, it’s interesting with them!

How can you motivate everyone by personality type in professional activity?

What is important to them:

  • North – material interest, money is important.
  • West – awards, prestige, position, power are important.
  • South – diplomas and recognition of his ideas are important, as well as comfort and some special sign of distinction.
  • East – it is important to evaluate his creativity, unusualness, this is a piece work, it is important to evaluate his creativity. This is the only type that can motivate itself.

Best Eniostile professions by personality type


Chiefs. He can only be “taken” if you can outsmart him. Understands the details. The network marketing can live on a large income from the group. Sales is his direction, he is a pro at that, especially if persistence is needed. He can sell both with the help of logic and emotionally, in this he is a talent.

Diplomats, Show business, people of one-of-a-kind professions. Western people are more common among top managers. Bankers, entrepreneurs, startups. Status professions.


Writers, lawyers, photographers, scientists, sales managers with special charisma, all systemic silent programmers.

Inward-looking professions for reflection, inner analytics and creativity.

Stereotypes of behavior of different personality types


These are workaholics in a strict conservative style, in uniform. Everything is thought out in time – and not a minute more. Well planned.

Officials, the military, math teachers and school principals, doctors of narrow specialties, investments and money spheres in the bank, where special precision is required. The North loves numbers and clarity.


Praise and recognition of society in the profession is very necessary. Often this is community work for people and in communication with people.

Service industry and healthcare. PR, advertising workers in the office, announcers and secretaries – this is all South. Psychologists, coaches, trainers, healers – these types of people are the best.

For employment all the West looks at the hierarchy, or they build everything themselves, the South always knows who, how and with whom it is friends and against whom, the North looks at the situation, harmony in the team and traditions, and the East looks at how it will fulfill its sole mission.

To better understand your personality type, it is better to take a test with a professional psychologist who deals with this.
But you can also understand your dominant personality type from the descriptions in the article. It is important in determining your main place in life and what you need to do.

Knowing your personality type, you need to understand the type of personality and your partner in your personal life – this way it will be easier for you to agree with him about everything.

Love certainly works wonders, but a conscious approach from our feminine side and with the help of Eniostil will not let you be in a stressful state, but will help to make friends with your strengths and weaknesses.

Love and accept yourself with all your sides that are given to you by nature!

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