Films about fatties who have lost weight

Films about fatties who have lost weight are the best motivation to lose weightTo change your life as quickly and effectively as possible, watch films about fat women or girls who have lost weight afterwards.

For overweight people, we have selected the top motivating and inspiring films that will help to cover this problem comprehensively, to rethink the attitude towards their own body and nutrition, and most importantly – to love yourself, despite the so-called imperfections.

Weight loss motivation and psychology: how to set yourself up for weight loss – and not break off the diet?

Films about fatties who have lost weight are a great motivation to lose weight

200 pounds of beauty

Director: Kim Young-hwa

Released: 2005

Country: South Korea

Main Actors: Kim Ah Jun, Chu Jin Mo

“200 Pounds of Beauty” ranks first in our ranking because it is an unusually touching melodrama about Kang Han Ne, a girl with a wonderful voice and an ugly appearance. Due to her completeness, she cannot gain fame on stage, so she sings behind the scenes for a beautiful, but not gifted singer, who gets all the laurels.

The girl is daily exposed to arrogant ridicule and contemptuous glances from others, although she does not lose her purity, sincerity and faith in a miracle. The tragedy is also that Han Na is in love with a producer – who, for obvious reasons, does not reciprocate her feelings.

Film 200 pounds of beauty

Once the fat unlucky Kang Han Not everything gets bored, and she decides to make drastic changes. Deciding to completely erase the past, she goes under the knife to a plastic surgeon.

A sincere, bright film, recommended for viewing by everyone dissatisfied with their appearance. It will help you to re-look at yourself and conduct a large-scale reassessment of values. And also to understand that real changes in life are possible after you, all-embracing, without conditions, love every millimeter of your body and soul.

Food corporation

Director: Robert Kenner

Released: 2008

Country: USA

Actors: Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Joel Salatin, Richard Lobb and many others.

A documentary film that reveals the hard-hitting sides of the American food industry. We eat a wide variety of foods every day, we enjoy their taste – and we fill the refrigerator for weeks in advance. Food makes us feel safe and comfortable. For many, it is almost the raison d’être.

Film Corporation “Food”

But do we know what exactly we eat? What raw materials are used to prepare finished products? What stages of processing do they go through? What additives are packed with? Are we paying for short-term pleasure with our health? Director Robert Kenner reveals the veil of the technological process, the role of the world’s largest corporations in charge of nutrition and control of our way of life.

Food Corporation is not a film for the faint of heart. It is bright, accessible, and “tastefully” tells about what humanity eats and what it threatens. It is useful not only for Americans, but also for the people of Russia who are not indifferent to their way of eating and the world around them.


Director: Nnegest Likke

Released: 2006

Country: USA

Main actors: Monique Angela Ames, Joyful Drake, Jimmy Jean-Louis

Two unkempt chubby girls, Racey Tunstall and Sandra Burke, are invited to appear on the BBC’s morning program. By coincidence, one of the viewers of the show turns out to be billionaire Sean Cooley, who comes up with an idea to make fatties divas of show business. After that, their path of transformation into a lady begins.

BBW Movie – Trailer

“Fatties” – a potent pill from the complexes of overweight representatives of the fair sex. Throughout the film, an optimistic message is traced to “fat and juicy” ladies around the world. If you feel good in your body, or for any reason you cannot build, love and respect yourself for who you are. Dress yourself up in stylish clothes, accentuate your virtues – and relax. Unleash your talents, unleash creative ideas and bring them to life.

Seizing your complexes within four walls, you will not bring anything good into your life. Watch “BBW” – and believe that even puffy ladies can be loved by men and run the show.

The mirror has two faces

Director: Barbra Streisand

Released: 1996

Country: USA

Main Actors: Barbra Streisand, Jeff Bridges

When it is very sad and life seems unbearable – watch this sweet melodrama with the forgotten by many, but invariably charming Barbra Streisand. And you are guaranteed to perk up!

Gregory Larkin is a boring math lecturer at Columbia University. Due to the lack of charisma, he does not develop relationships with women – and he becomes disappointed in relationships.

Film The Mirror Has Two Faces – an excerpt

One day Gregory meets the literary Rose Morgan – an unusually intelligent, but unattractive woman. The man decides to take a desperate step – to start a relationship with her for the sake of platonic feelings and spiritual communication, which Rose soon begins to offend.

The heroine of Barbra Streisand wants to evoke in her beloved not only platonic interest, but full-fledged love, so she goes on a diet, changes her image and transforms into a spectacular beauty.


Director: Damon Gamo

Released: 2014

Country: Australia

Main actors: Damon Gamo, Hugh Jackman, Brenton Thwaites, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith and others.

If the topic of healthy eating is relevant to you – watch this sensational film, which tells how the sustainable consumption trend and the fashion for “healthy eating” actually leads humanity to obesity.

Movie Sugar

Australian director and actor Damon Gamo set up an experiment and filmed it. During the experiment, he ate only the right foods marked “healthy” – and revealed the bitter truth about the sugar contained in fresh juices, low-fat yogurt, muesli, protein bars and other “healthy” foods.

The documentary Sugar will forever change the way you think about healthy food.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Director: Sharon Maguire

Released: 2001

Country: UK, France, USA

Main actors: Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth

Bridget Jones starts a diary in which she is going to write about her achievements and victories: how she will lose weight, switch to a healthy lifestyle and arrange her personal life. Parents predict her neighbors’ son, a modest guy Mark, as her fiancé, and Bridget is in love with her boss, the self-confident Daniel.

Film Diary of Bridget Jones

This story is about a sweet, dreamy, sometimes funny and childishly ridiculous girl who is actively looking for her place in life.

If the film does not motivate you to lose weight, then it certainly will charge you with a positive and faith in the best. And, however, who knows – perhaps it is the story of Bridget that will become the starting point to a happy ending in your life.

Extreme makeover. Slimming program

Director: Rob Whitaker

Released: 2011 (6 seasons)

Country: USA

“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Program” – a cycle of programs about fat people who managed to overcome excess weight and radically change their appearance. They spent a year on the transformation process, during which they got rid of half of their weight without harm to their health.

Film Extreme Makeover (Season 1, Episode 1)

If you are not inspired by cute comedies, and the disclosure of the terrible secrets of fast food does not stir the imagination in the least, this project will certainly make you think. If they could, how are you worse?

I’m losing weight

Director: Alexey Nuzhny

Released: 2018

Country Russia

Main actors: Alexandra Bortich, Roman Kurtsyn, Evgeny Kulik, Irina Gorbacheva

Anya works as a pastry chef, and is not averse to feasting on cooked culinary masterpieces, which does not affect her figure in the best way. Her lover, an avid jock Zhenya, is obsessed with his abs. Zhenya is ashamed of Anya – and, in the end, accuses her of being overweight and abandons her.

Film I’m Losing Weight – Trailer

The girl plunges into depression, eating stress with cakes, until a cute fat man Kolya appeared in her life, taking her on a journey to finding a beautiful figure, love and happiness.

A curious “highlight” of the film is that the main actress, Alexandra Bortich, specially gained 20 kilograms – and in the process of filming she shed them.

The storyline “I’m losing weight” stubbornly pushes the viewer to the only conclusion: lose weight not by the spring, lose weight for yourself!

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