find out from the picture who you were in a past life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, then you are probably wondering who you could have been in your past life.

Take a look at these 6 images and choose what makes you feel calm. Don’t try to decipher what is hidden behind each picture or use logic – just follow your intuition.

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No. 1

Your wisdom and the right advice have helped many people find their way in life. You believed in the power of love and were far from all sorts of prejudices, therefore you were perceived almost as prophet… Generosity and kindness were some of your core qualities, and they are still with you in this life. To make the most of your past experiences, learn to develop and apply your sixth sense, which is your intuition.

No. 2

Once upon a time you lived a completely different life, and your main function was mediation and peacemaking. You have resolved conflicts and clarified their mission to people. You may have even been counted psychicbecause you had the gift of “scanning” and “reading” those around you. Even now, you know how to distinguish between people and choose the right social circle for yourself. However, do not rush to judgments and conclusions, but take a closer look at new acquaintances.

No. 3

You were definitely fond of art and may even have become famous artist or sculptor… You had a talent for seeing unique details in everything that surrounded you, and then create stunning pieces. This legacy still lives on in you, and if you devote yourself to creativity, you will be able to awaken such talent in your present life.

No. 4

You have had many useful skills in your past life. Your brain worked with lightning speed, and you were able to process a lot of information and draw correct conclusions from it by analyzing various patterns. Perhaps you were scientists… Even today, you are fascinated by new technologies and electronic gadgets. When you make the decision to pursue your calling, you can achieve a lot.

No. 5

You most likely were mentor for people. You may have worked teacherpassing on their knowledge to future generations. You had the ability to captivate others, lead them and get them to follow your advice. This quality can be very useful in your current life, if you understand for yourself in which area it is best applied.

No. 6

You told people about their future. Perhaps you were fortune teller, magician, spiritual healer or shaman, but you did not deceive people, but rather were guided by your instincts and inner voice. In your present life, this sixth sense is even more developed, and you can sense or anticipate certain events. Be sure to use this gift, but only for good and with good intentions.

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