Test – determine your current psychological state

With the help of picture tests, you can find out a lot of interesting things about yourself in a matter of seconds. Remember, the quality of your life depends on your current psychological state. Put yourself to the test with this short yet highly effective test.

Important! Look at the image for no more than 2 seconds and remember the first thing you saw.

Colady illustration
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Test results


If you can clearly see the hand in the drawing, then you are a born leader. We got used to being responsible not only for ourselves, but also for other people. Perhaps at the moment you are worried about resolving an important situation for you, for example, planning a new work project. Try to focus on this business, you will succeed!

You are a very persistent and ambitious person who is used to achieving your goals. Keep it up!


Now you really need rest, you are exhausted. Try to focus on yourself, take a vacation, or take a few weekends. You may be overworked, both mentally and physically. In any case, now you need to pay attention to yourself, your beloved, and postpone things for a while.

A parrot

If you saw a bird in the picture, then at the moment in your life you are in a romantic-dreamy state. Something very important for you haunts and excites consciousness all the time. Perhaps you are in love and suffer from a lack of reciprocity.

If your emotional state prevents you from focusing on business, it’s time to pull yourself together!


If you saw a light bulb in the picture, you probably have left-brain thinking, in other words, you are a “techie.” Your brain may be actively generating solutions to important problems at the moment. Give your thinking complete freedom! The more you focus on solving a problem, the faster you get the right answer.

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