Freud Test – What secrets does your subconscious mind hide?

How do you really perceive life? Are you happy? The famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that the answers to these questions that a person gives are not always true, and even for himself. The true answers lie in our unconscious. With the help of psychological tests, it is possible to draw out some of our secrets to the conscious level. Are you ready to do it right now? Then proceed to the test.

What do we have to do? Your task is to honestly answer 8 questions. We recommend that you write down the answers so that you can interpret them accurately.

Freud test
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Test questions

  1. The ocean is in front of you. You gaze into it, look at the horizon, then at the water. How do you feel about it?
  2. You are in the woods. While walking, you step on … (what?). Describe the feelings that come with this.
  3. A flock of seagulls hovers over your head. Describe your feelings.
  4. You see a herd of horses. What do you feel?
  5. You find yourself in the desert. In front of you is a high wall with a small opening through which you can see the oasis. You cannot climb over or go around the wall, as there is no end and edge to it. Describe your actions.
  6. In the desert you are thirsty. Suddenly, a jug of water appears in front of you. What will you do?
  7. In the middle of the night, you find yourself in the forest. You are lost, but suddenly you find an old hut with a light burning inside. Be taken aback by your actions.
  8. You are in a fog. You can’t see or hear anything. Try to describe your feelings and actions.


Test results

  1. The symbol of the ocean in psychoanalysis is a reflection of your true emotional state at the moment. If, peering into the water and the horizon, you experienced pleasant sensations, then you are quite happy, and vice versa.
  2. Your emotional state in the forest reflects the state of your psyche in the bosom of your family. The more comfortable you felt in such a situation, the more harmonious your relationship with your household is.
  3. A flock of seagulls symbolizes your true attitude towards women.
  4. The herd of horses symbolizes your true relationship with men.
  5. Desert activities describe your psychological readiness to deal with potential problems.
  6. The described situation shows the peculiarities of your choice of a sexual partner.
  7. Your actions in the forest at night describe your readiness to start a family. If you calmly knock on the door in the hope of getting an overnight stay without feeling fear, then you are psychologically ripe for marriage. If you chose not to enter the hut, you are not ready for this.
  8. Actions and sensations in the fog reflect your death mindset. The freer you feel in the fog, the more effort you are willing to put in to fight death.
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