How to 100% get rid of small midges in an apartment

Who among us has not encountered this problem? Midges in the apartment appear suddenly and very much interfere, annoying the tenants with their presence. Some species – and there are a lot of them – can even bite. But the good news is that the methods of dealing with them are the same, and you won’t have to read a bunch of literature in order to determine which of their representatives you are fighting with.

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Where do small midges come from in an apartment?

The very first thing to do is to establish the cause of the appearance of midges. Only after that can you begin to effectively combat them in the apartment.

Where they can appear from is a mystery for many, because outside the window it can be any time of the year. Windows and doors are closed in winter, that is, there is simply nowhere for midges to fly in.

Let’s list the main reasons for the appearance of these unwanted guests in your home:

One of the most common reasons for the appearance of midges in an apartment, biologists call dirty fruits or vegetables brought home from a garden or store.

Long before appearing on your table, eggs were laid on the fruits, which in a state of rest, remission, wait until the fetus begins to deteriorate and rot.

midges on fruit

This is where their finest hour comes, because this is the main food for midges. Larvae emerge from the eggs, which very quickly turn into midges.

Their lifespan is very short, only about a day. But in the presence of an abundant nutrient medium, for example, rotting fruits, they multiply very intensively, which leads to a rapid filling of the room with these insects, if measures were not taken in time to eliminate the outbreak.

A very common and common cause of gnats is also inadequate hygiene of the bin and irregular removal of garbage.

In the debris of food lying in the garbage, there may be eggs, and when rotting begins, they begin to wake up.

If the waste fell on the surface of the bucket itself, and were not noticed at the same time, this could also serve as the arrival of an army of small parasites.

You should also remember about such a place in the house as a living corner.

There is always organic matter with traces of decay. For example, an aquarium with abundant algae growth and water that has not been changed for a long time, or a cage with a rabbit or other animal. Such places should always be clean so that insects do not have the opportunity to eat and lay eggs there.

Houseplants can also cause abundant reproduction of midges.

Especially if such a popular method of fertilization as tea brewing is used. Midges are very fond of tea and its leftovers.

Also, the reason can be high humidity in and around the pots, associated with abundant watering of indoor plants.

Well, the most mysterious place where midges appear, when it seems that everything around is simply licked and perfectly clean, is the water supply and sewerage

Pieces of food entering the sewer can get stuck in the siphons of sinks and toilets and continue to rot there. This provokes the constant and uncontrollable appearance of midges throughout the house.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that midges appear in the house precisely because of problems with the hygiene of the room and its communications.


Midges enter the house exclusively with the help of a person who personally brings them into the house. Their further life and development depends on the cleanliness in the room in which they find themselves.

7 ways to get rid of small midges

It makes sense to fight indoor midges only when the cause and place of their appearance is precisely determined. In all other cases, all attempts to get rid of intruders will be crowned with failure.

Let’s try to describe the main ways of dealing with midges below:

  • The first step is to conduct a full-scale audit of all vegetables and fruits stored in the house.

If, during the check, spoiled fruits are revealed, you should immediately get rid of them, and put the good ones in the refrigerator.

It is also worth looking into the cereals, pouring them over. Check that there is no dampness in the places of their storage and that the loose ones themselves do not have traces of delight. After checking, seal the cereals hermetically in a dry, clean container.

  • Thoroughly clean the sink and washbasin

To do this, you can use various modern means to eliminate blockages in siphons and pipes.
If they are not at hand, then you can resort to the old folk method. Pour soda into the neck of the sink and extinguish it with vinegar. When the reaction has passed, which is accompanied by intense hissing, rinse with plenty of running water.

It should also be borne in mind that dismantling the siphons for cleaning at least once a year will have a very positive effect on the hygiene of the room.

midges in the shell

  • In pots with indoor plants, some manipulations should also be done.

For example, a few matches stuck in the ground with sulfur heads downward helps to get rid of midges. You should also, if possible, reduce the intensity of watering in order to get rid of dampness and rotting of the plant root system. You can also sprinkle some ground pepper on the ground.

  • Habitats and feeding areas of pets must be kept clean

Change the fillers in time, preventing them from rotting and rinsing the feeding utensils.

  • Traps are also helpful.

It is made very simply. This requires an empty plastic bottle. From it you need to cut off the neck so that you get a funnel. Then we insert it into the cut part with the nose down and fix it with tape. At the bottom of the bottle, you need to put something that would serve as bait. A piece of rotten fruit or a spoonful of jam. A small amount of beer works well. Midges fly into a narrow neck to smell, but they cannot get back. Such traps must be disposed of without disassembling them, flooding with water and detergent.

  • Geranium will help in the fight against midges.

This flower should be grown on windowsills in residential areas. Many insects, including midges, cannot stand its smell in panic. By the way, geranium saves the house well from moths.

  • Sticky tapes are also good for getting rid of gnats.

It is worth hanging them not only in open space, but also in the middle of the cabinets.

But this method will be effective only when the causes of the appearance of midges are established and actions are taken to eliminate these causes.

Prevention rules – how to prevent the appearance of midges in the apartment in the future?

Prevention to prevent the appearance of midges in your home is very simple and straightforward. This –

  • Compliance with the rules of hygiene for living quarters.
  • Regular cleaning, garbage disposal.
  • Regular cleaning of the trash can.
  • cleaning of siphons.
  • Timely disposal of products that have begun to deteriorate.

Acrid and persistent odors are also helpful as a prophylaxis for midges. For example – the smell of garlic or geranium, camphor or incense, if not 100% prevent the appearance of midges, then significantly reduce the risk of their appearance.

These measures are guaranteed to rid your home of annoying, uninvited guests.

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