How to choose a fitness club – 20 points to consider

A healthy body, proper nutrition and lack of stress are the key to a slim and fit figure, and the result of self-care is self-satisfaction. And as a result – heightened self-esteem.

Today Colady magazine and I will delve deeper into the topic of a healthy body and think, how to choose a fitness club.

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20 points to consider when choosing a fitness club

  • Prioritization
    First, you need to decide on the main questions and answers to them:
    1. What do you want to get from the new fitness club?
    2. Do you want to lose weight?
    3. Do you want to gain muscle mass?
    4. Do you want to keep fit or is it just a pleasure for you?

    There can be many questions, but this is the first point from which you should start.

  • Mandatory presence of a pool
    Now, not all fitness centers have the opportunity to build swimming pools on their territory or do not consider it necessary, since some visitors only need a gym and a sauna or bath. The presence of a pool also significantly increases the cost of fitness club cards.
  • Convenient schedule for attending group classes
    yoga, steps, dancing, various ball programs or strength training and many other items refer to group classes and take place according to a strictly established schedule. Before buying a card, study the schedule of the fitness club, so that later after purchasing a membership card, you will be able to visit them.
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  • Possibility of individual lessons
    Whether it is a pool or a gym – individual lessons will make work on yourself more effective. You may not need this, but you should definitely try this service in order to know your “problem” places and areas on which you need to work harder. A professional will give advice on nutrition and necessary training.
  • First visit or pre-workout preparation
    A visit to a dietitian at some fitness clubs is considered mandatory before starting workouts. The doctor will measure your parameters – growing, west and will give basic recommendations for exercise and nutrition.
  • Lesson cost
    When the fitness studio is just opening, there is an opportunity to buy a card with a significant discount. This card must be bought in advance, when the fitness club is still under construction or is about to open (literally the first 2-3 months).
    The cost may depend on various reasons:
    • card type: full, day, family;
    • pool availability – greatly increases the cost of any card over other fitness clubs;
    • the brand – a well-known network will cost more than a “eatery” not far from home;
    • additional club services – towels, solarium, sauna and steam bath, availability of safes for personal belongings
  • Distance from home
    Most people who regularly go in for sports, of course, are looking for a fitness studio near their home so that they can visit and work out at any time. Some choose near work or on the way from work to home, near an educational institution.
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  • Possibility of choosing a fitness card
    The possibility of choosing a day or full card, the possibility of buying a double card – different fitness clubs have a wide variety of cards available.
    Types of cards:
    • standard – includes a swimming pool (if available), use of the gym services and visiting group programs on working days of the fitness club;
    • daytime – the range of services remains the same as for a standard card, only visiting hours are usually limited to 17.00
    • family – when buying by family members, a discount is provided for using the services of the club.
  • Children’s rooms
    A place where you can leave your child under the supervision of a professional. You will be able to calmly practice while your little one plays with toys.
  • Availability of free towels
    For some, this is an important issue, since without a car it is difficult to constantly carry a couple of towels in a handbag with you – you will need to take an additional sports bag with you.
  • Availability of safes for storing clothes for several days
    Such special lockers, in which you can leave clothes and sneakers for several days, so that, again, not to carry them with you.
  • Fresh bars
    Freshly squeezed juices, oxygen and milkshakes and sweets will help you rest and increase strength after a successful workout.
  • Atmosphere
    It is worth thinking and looking around, who is studying in the hall, what clients are coming, how many people are there on weekdays and weekends, and whether it will be cozy and comfortable for you to study there.
  • Guest visit
    Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the club from the inside. Most of the fitness studios offer an introduction to the club through a guest visit. This is a free feature and you can use all the services all day.
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  • Number of simulators
    When visiting the club, pay attention to the number of simulators in the hall, whether they are enough to satisfy the number of visitors during peak hours.
  • The attentiveness of the staff
    It is a question of the culture of the fitness studio, whether they have a polite attitude towards the client. It’s nice when you ask a question – to still get an answer to it.
  • Work Fitness Compensation
    Some companies provide partial or full payment for the fitness club. It is worth asking if this function applies to all fitness studios or only to certain ones. You also need to find out what documents will be needed for compensation.
  • Yoga
    Modern humanity, trying to expand its boundaries through self-knowledge, has come to the conclusion that without yoga, this development will be incomplete. If you want to try these lessons or you are already doing – check if there are these lessons in the studio and who is teaching them.
  • Certified specialists
    Read on the website about the fitness studio, what teachers are, study their qualifications, if necessary, check at the reception or by phone.
  • Reviews
    Before buying a card, read reviews on the Internet, look at the photos of users – maybe this will be the final point in choosing an institution.

We hope that our tips will help you choose the right fitness. Still have questions? Write a comment!

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