How to choose and install a live Christmas tree for the New Year

Is there someone who is indifferent to the New Year’s holidays? The expectation of a fairy tale and a miracle begins with the first snow that falls. But a real holiday is only with the appearance in the house of an indispensable companion of the New Year, a live Christmas tree.

In order for the tree to stand for a long time and delight you and your loved ones, it is necessary carefully approach the purchase… Choosing a tree is not easy, and if you know some secrets, then you are guaranteed success. how to choose a really good live tree?

Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree

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Secrets of choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year – how to choose a living tree correctly?

To choose a really good Christmas tree that will delight you with freshness and aroma all New Year’s holidays, it is important remember a few rules

Which Christmas tree is better – live or artificial?
Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree

Christmas tree shopping time

  • On the one hand, so that the tree stands for a long time – the later you buy it, the better.
  • However, the main thing is not the time of purchase, but the freshness of the herringbone… Therefore, it is better to buy a tree when the Christmas tree markets open. This will give you a better chance of choosing a really fresh tree. But on the eve of the holiday, the choice will not be rich and the opportunity to buy a really high-quality Christmas tree will be problematic.
  • Buying wood in advance requires special storage of the tree… So that the tree does not crumble ahead of time, it is necessary to store it in the cold before installation.

What kind of tree to choose?

It depends on personal preference. The Christmas tree bazaars offer:

  • Spruce – the most popular variety, which is distinguished by short needles. Disadvantage – needles crumble faster than other varieties.
  • Pine – a tree with long fluffy needles, stands for a long time and retains its appearance. However, some people choose not to buy pine as a New Year tree because of the existing signs.
  • Danish spruce – a tree with soft needles, unpretentious, does not crumble for a long time.

Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree
In addition, it is important to know how to choose the right Christmas tree that will stand for a long time. It depends on the freshness of the tree cut.

Fresh conifer

  • It has elastic branches that bend easily;
  • If you crumple the needles in your fingers, a pleasant coniferous aroma and a light oily trace will remain;
  • The needles do not crumble if you knock the tree on the ground;
  • There is no dark rim on the cut of the trunk, as well as traces of mold, mildew.

The size of the purchased tree is also important.

  • If you plan to install the Christmas tree on the floor – the tree must be at least one meter in height. The herringbone on the floor will look organic in large rooms. If space permits, you can buy a Christmas tree under the ceiling.
  • If the tree will be installed on the table – the height should not exceed 50 centimeters. This option is perfect for small spaces.

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Interesting ideas for creating an alternative Christmas tree with your own hands.

So, we know how to choose a tree. But making the right choice is half the battle. It is important to know how to keep the tree at home.

Rules for installing a Christmas tree at home – how to keep the tree longer?

In order for the purchased tree to stand for a long time and retain its original appearance, it is necessary install the tree correctly
Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree
It is recommended to install the Christmas tree in two ways:

  • On a special crosspiece. The advantages of such an attitude are strength and relative lightness (but it is still better to entrust this work to the male part of the family). Cons – the inability to feed the tree or water it.
  • Into a bucket of wet sand. The installation process is more time consuming and troublesome, but it allows you to keep the tree longer.

Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree
In addition, there are a few more rules for setting up a Christmas tree:

  • Purchased tree from frost it is not recommended to immediately bring into a warm apartment… Let the Christmas tree stand a little at the entrance, for better adaptation;
  • Before installing the tree, you need to prepare the trunk – clean it from bark (by 8-10 centimeters), plan a little under running water;
  • You can trim the top of your head a little by a tree and lubricate the cut with Vishnevsky ointment;
  • If the tree is installed in a bucket of wet sand, then it is better to pour into the sand not ordinary water, but prepared: 1-2 tablets of aspirin or a tablespoon of sugar in 1 liter of water;
  • It is important to choose the right place to install the Christmas tree: Do not place a tree next to batteries or heaters.

Basic rules for choosing and installing a live Christmas tree

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you preserve the aroma of the holiday in the house for a long time, and save you from the hassle laterwhen the holidays are over and the fallen needles will have to be removed.

Rules for choosing a beautiful and safe artificial Christmas tree for the New Year

Happy New Year!

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