How to dress for the theater for a woman – theatrical dress code from the stylist

Not a single exit “into the light” for the weaker sex is complete without minutes or even hours spent near the closet and mirror. The woman wants to look as impressive as possible. Going to the theater is no exception – you want to look both bright and elegant. And the most important thing is not to overdo it when choosing your outfit, hairstyle and even makeup.

How should a woman dress properly for the theater? By stylist and etiquette expert.

Test dress code: etiquette expert told how a woman should dress for the theater
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  • The foundation
    We do not merge with the gray mass. We are looking for an individual style. There should be something attractive, sexy and exciting in your image.
    Only neatly and without hints of vulgarity (if you are going to wear a dress with an open back, then no deep neckline).
  • Choosing a dress
    It is customary to come to the theater in a dress, so you will have to give up the usual jeans and trousers for a while. You go to the theater – not for a walk or in a cafe, so we also leave all short dresses until the right moment. The ideal length of the dress is from the middle of the kneecap up to the foot (we choose the final length ourselves).
    If you decide to wear a dress with a cutout, then make sure that your thigh is securely hidden by the fabric (such “lures” are useless in the theater). The neckline should also not be too deep.
  • Colors and material
    Undoubtedly, you should choose a dress in which you will be pleased to shine with your beauty. Therefore, you should choose the material and color that you like (and which will suit you).
Test dress code: etiquette expert told how a woman should dress for the theater
Photo @kmnv_official

For example, a red satin dress.

  • Choice of stockings
    You should not wear tights under an evening dress – they will simply be uncomfortable. Stockings will be much more advantageous (from all sides) – they are more comfortable, invisible and will last longer (with the right choice).
    Choose tight stockings so that at the most inopportune moment the treacherous arrow does not run. Also, you should not buy fishnet stockings – it looks vulgar and cheap.
  • Choice of shoes
    Depending on the season, choose what to wear on your feet – shoes or boots. In any case, shoes should be heeled. The height of the heel depends only on your ability to walk in such shoes – for example, graceful stiletto ankle boots or shoes with rough heels.
    The most important thing is that these shoes match your dress and handbag.
  • Choosing a handbag
    Everyone will agree that you need to take a small purse to the theater. Large bags look very cumbersome, ridiculous, and they are simply not needed in the theater. In the theater, a clutch is enough, which can be on a strap or a neat thin chain.
Test dress code: etiquette expert told how a woman should dress for the theater
Photo @ telpiz.broderie

This bag will hold everything you need – your phone, car keys, cash and a minimal set of cosmetics to touch up your makeup. The color of the handbag should match the color of the dress, but you can play with contrast – for example, a bright red clutch and a black dress.

  • Choice of jewelry
    Decorations are always used to complete the image (“cut”). Do not be afraid of pendants, beads or even ordinary chains, because they can change your whole image in an instant. Most often, diamond jewelry is worn at the theater, although high-quality jewelry will also work.
    Don’t forget about bracelets that show off your thin wrists. It is important to choose the right earrings. Earrings should not be massive (so that your ears do not get tired during the performance) and too bright (so as not to overshadow the hairstyle).
  • Makeup selection
    The most important part after choosing a dress is makeup. Your make-up should not be too bright, so put everything shiny and shimmery aside immediately. The main rule of “theatrical” make-up is restraint, so you should use a minimum of cosmetics. Even out your complexion with foundation, concealer or powder.
    Then apply bronzer and blush to the cheekbones. When choosing eyeshadow, you need to look to match your hair. The best option that suits absolutely all girls is beige shadows. Complete all this with neat arrows, paint over the lashes with mascara, and your eye makeup will be finished. It is better to use lipstick a few shades darker – this will help define your lips.
  • Hairstyle. Wash your hair the day before so that on the day of your visit to the theater, you do not run around the house, frantically trying to dry and comb your unruly curls. If you have long hair, tie it elegantly into a bun, as ponytails or braids won’t work for this occasion. Owners of curly hair are allowed to be present in the theater with their hair down. You can also do styling, then you don’t have to remove your hair either. If you have short hair, be sure to add volume and splendor to it. For any hairstyle, do not use bright hairpins and elastic bands – they will not add elegance to you.

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What do you wear when going to the theater? Let us know in the comments!

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