how to live with an energy vampire?

The term “energy vampire” means a person who is toxic by nature, who “squeezes” resources from others, while asserting himself. Many people confuse vampirism with abuse. How to understand that your beloved energy vampire and what to do if he turns out to be one? Psychologists and sociologists answer.

How to calculate an energy vampire in a husband, how do energy vampires behave?

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Husbands-vampires (as well as wives-vampires), without a twinge of conscience, feeding on the energy of their halves – is far from a “sick fantasy.” The main thing is to clearly understand that this is vampirism, and nothing else.

It’s not about the case when a husband who once ate with the energy of his wife was immediately identified as an energy enemy. And not that a hypothetical He shamelessly sucks Her energy through a tube, enjoying his “gift”. We are talking about people who live next to us and do not realize that they are vampires.

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Signs of an energy vampire

  • Do not feed a vampire with bread – just let someone else’s energy pile up… That is, to provoke negative emotions. How does a vampire husband do it? Deliberately angers the spouse, offends, puts her in a position in which negative emotions, resentments and tears are inevitable. However, he loves her very much. And she, by the way, too. Consoling myself – “he is such a parasite, but mine, beloved.” And explaining to himself this vampirism by his failures at work, dislike in childhood, etc.
  • The vampire husband loves crowded places… He, like a fish in water, feels like a crowded bus at rush hour, and “trolling” on the Internet is a natural process in general. How to drink some water and go to dinner.
  • The vampire husband complains regularlythat his life is not going well, that his boss is not the same, that his colleagues are hypocrites and scoundrels, his health is awkward, etc. complaining about your life is a side of the vampire essence. He complains, you sympathize (or get angry – which is also fine) – the energy dessert is ready right during dinner. At the same time, he does not even listen to you and is stubbornly boring in his whining, he only needs to dump his dissatisfaction on you and draw on your reaction.
  • The key (physical) sign of husband’s vampirism is your condition after his energy attacks… If you start having headaches, and you feel like a lemon minced through a meat grinder, this is definitely vampirism.
  • Your vampire spouse will always call you when you finally take a break. with a book and a cup of coffee, just fell asleep or took a shower. And, of course, you will not get off with a few words. You should become uncomfortable and necessarily ashamed – after all, you are not busy with him.
  • A vampire spouse usually doesn’t get along with cats., the technique with him constantly fails, and the flowers die.
  • If your vampire spouse has promised you something, then you will wait a week or a month.while he keeps his word. Because you are suffering, and he feels good.
  • The vampire husband will always turn on a bloody thriller (loud music, drill) to the fullest when you are trying to focus on an important matter. And he will also tap a slipper on the floor, a pen on a table, sniff, etc.
  • The vampire husband is sure to retell you all the news about disasters and murders, their nightmares, the plot of a horror film, etc. Naturally with details, and reveling in your goosebumps and shudders.
  • For a vampire, there are practically no boundaries and boundaries.… He will openly criticize, condemn and blaspheme, regardless of the chain of command and decency. And the more people are present at the “flogging”, the better – the humiliation should be public.
  • Vampire husband – jealous and vengeful, selfish and suspicious… He will most likely try to protect his beloved “donor” from the outside world.
  • It is important for a vampire husband that his wife be afraid of him.
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What if the husband is an energy vampire?

It is very important to understand whether a vampire is conscious in front of you or not.

95% of people “vampire” unknowingly! In this case, it is a matter of time and your persistence to change the situation for the better. But the lucid vampire is a real parasite, from which it is easier to leave than to change. We will not talk about them, it is pointless.

What to do, what to remember, how to behave if your husband is a vampire?

  1. Analyze the scheme of his vampire unconscious actions. Most likely, his energetic tactics are the same, without changes. This means that it will be easier to fight it.
  2. Your emotions are his bread. The more unstable you are, the more vulnerable you are. Learn not to respond with emotion. Even more – learn not to react emotionally negatively at all. Of course, being “hungry”, he will provoke you to anger, pity, fear, etc. Your task is not to give him such an opportunity.
  3. How to become an iron lady? We close all areas with energy leakage and connect additional power sources. The first is more important. All that pisses you off are your energetic “black holes”. Patch them without sparing yourself. Constantly complaining about life? Demonstratively do other things at this moment, asking again – “what did you say, dear?”. Provokes you to a scandal – go to another room, get distracted and return when you calm down. Think of meditation, relaxation and any other means of “self-preservation of the nervous system.”
  4. Once you’re done with the patches, start looking for the batteries. Everyone has their own batteries: someone recharges from comedies, someone from the pool, someone throws darts, etc.
  5. Track all activities that cause discomfort. Talk to your spouse, explain to him that you do not like it (in the form of a dialogue between a loving wife and her beloved husband). Did not help? Be wise and cunning – learn to change the situation for yourself. It’s easier to change the very cause of your discomfort than to deal with it.
  6. Monitor your diet. Yes, yes, real energy comes to us precisely from food, water and air. Therefore, you need to eat right, drink as much as the doctor ordered, and be more often in the fresh air. Hunger, fatigue, exhaustion will drain you before you “embark on the warpath.”
  7. Read literature on meditation. As ridiculous as it may seem, it works. So is yoga. The ability to concentrate and disconnect from external stimuli is a great strength.

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Sociologist’s comment

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Unfortunately, energy vampirism is a frequent occurrence. If you understand that your husband is a vampire, you will have to decide this issue or endure him. There is only 2 way out. If you decide to change your life and protect yourself from pressure from your husband, these tips are for you:

  1. Set personal boundaries. Don’t let him break them.
  2. Have a code of ethics. If your husband behaves unworthily towards you, tell yourself: “I have a moral code, you can’t do this with me!”.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to your husband about what you don’t like about him.
  4. If you feel pressure from him, distance yourself to avoid communication. Tell him that you will return to the conversation after he stops pushing you psychologically.
  5. Love yourself.

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