Should a girl have a small tummy?

A girl's small tummy: cute or nasty?Modern fashion dictates strict rules: a woman’s belly must be absolutely flat. However, there is another opinion. Many people believe that a small tummy makes the figure more feminine, and therefore attractive to the opposite sex. Who is right? Let’s try to figure it out!

Biologists’ opinion

Evaluating a woman’s figure, a man first of all evaluates whether she can become a good mother and bear healthy offspring. This happens on a subconscious level, even if the man is a convinced childfree. A small tummy indicates that a sufficient amount of female sex hormones is produced in a woman’s body, which means that it is perceived as a sign of femininity.

It is worth making a reservationthat we are talking about a small belly. If he is of solid size, a woman (again, on a subconscious level) can be perceived as already carrying a child or unhealthy. Moreover, the latter is more likely.

The opinion of psychologists

Psychologists assure that the main factor in choosing a partner should be his personal qualities. Of course, appearance is important, but it plays a leading role only at first. Further, character, communication skills, sense of humor and other properties come to the fore. Therefore, if a man is frightened off by a small tummy, most likely he is not yet going to enter into a permanent relationship and is guided by sexual intercourse.

Partner selection

And when a person is assessed as a potential sexual partner, appearance plays a huge role. And if the gentleman claims that he is not satisfied with your figure, most likely, you should not count on a long romance and a strong family with him.

The opinion of culturologists

In world culture (with the exception of modernity), mostly women are represented who have a small tummy. For example, if you recall Venus de Milo, it can be noted that she has a belly. And, despite its presence, she is considered the standard of feminine beauty and attractiveness, even despite the absence of both hands.

On the canvases of great painters depicting nudity, you can also see girls with tummies. And hardly anyone will undertake to assert that Danae by Rembrandt is not beautiful enough. Of course, beauty standards change over time, but the fashion for a flat belly is much younger than accepting the fact that slender women normally have a small tummy.

Opinion of doctors

Doctors say that a healthy woman should have a tummy. This indicates a normal level of sex hormones, sufficient development of subcutaneous adipose tissue and that the figure is formed according to the female type, that is, the development of the girl went completely normal. Therefore, you should not worry about having a tummy. It is a sign of health.

Girl with tummy

Is it worth worrying and wasting time on expensive procedures if you have a small tummy?

Try not to compare yourself with models from fashion magazines and be yourself!

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