How to quickly refresh your face and relieve puffiness?

Only the heroines of women’s novels know how to cry beautifully. In real life, after crying, the eyes turn red and the face swells. How to quickly make your appearance not reminiscent of shed tears? Try one of the recipes below!

Refresh a puffy face after crying

1. Wash your face

The easiest way to get rid of puffiness is to wash your face with cold water. There is no need to rub your face: just rinse it slightly. If possible, rub your skin with an ice cube wrapped in a soft cloth. Such a compress is alternately applied to the eyelids: due to the effect of cold, the capillaries narrow, which allows you to get rid of redness and puffiness.

2. Rosemary

Add a drop of rosemary essential oil to olive oil or grape seed oil. Make sure you are not allergic to rosemary beforehand by doing an allergy test on the crook of your elbow. The composition of rosemary contains substances that eliminate inflammation: wipe the skin of the face with a mixture of oils, being careful not to get it on the mucous membrane. After 10 minutes, remove the remaining oil with a paper towel.

3. Cucumber

The classic method of dealing with the consequences of strong emotional experiences is a cucumber mask.

Cucumber mask

Two circles should be pre-cooled in the refrigerator and put on eyelids for 10-15 minutes. You can also rub the entire face with a cucumber: this will refresh it and have a moisturizing effect.

4. Mineral water

Cold mineral water is an excellent remedy to eliminate puffiness and redness. Soak a cotton pad with water and wipe your face thoroughly with mineral water. Thanks to this, the skin will look significantly fresher. After such washing, you need to rinse your face with plain water and apply a light moisturizer or gel.

5. Concealer with a greenish undertone

If you do not have the opportunity to use the above recipes, for example, tears caught you at work, use decorative cosmetics. A concealer with a green undertone will help to mask redness. Apply your regular foundation on top of the concealer. By the way, to divert attention from reddened eyes, you can use another technique: paint your lips with bright lipstick.

Don’t let tears spoil your beauty! Now you know how to quickly get rid of the consequences of unpleasant emotions, and no one will guess that you recently had a bad mood.

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