How to quickly remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancy

Prevention of uterine toneWhich of the expectant mothers is not familiar with such a concept as the tone of the uterus? Yes, almost everyone is familiar. Only if for one it is almost asymptomatic and imperceptible, for the other it causes real panic and very painful sensations. How to determine the tone of the uterus during pregnancy?

How to deal with the tone of the uterus, and what to do in general when it rises?

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Uterine tone at the beginning and end of pregnancy

How to quickly remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancyEveryone knows that the muscular layer of the uterus tends to contract since school. But these contractions do not really bother us in the usual non-pregnant state. When the long-awaited crumbs develop in the uterus, this issue becomes more relevant than ever. Moreover, tone is able to provoke sudden placental abruption, fetal hypoxia and even miscarriage… The reason for this can be anything, including a glass of wine or anxiety about the upcoming birth. How is tonicity treatment carried out at different stages of pregnancy?

  • First trimester.
    At this time, even the doctor (and the expectant mother herself) can hardly detect the tone of the uterus. Moreover, as a rule, it happens that a woman does not even know about pregnancy yet, and pulling pains are perceived by her as harbingers of future menstruation. Sometimes such pains at this time can be a signal of a threat of miscarriage, frozen or even ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, you cannot do without ultrasound. And if the ultrasound shows the absence of abnormalities in the development of the fetus, then, most likely, the expectant mother can do with antispasmodics and a calmer regime of the day (that is, a decrease in the usual activity).
  • Second trimester.
    The talk about treatment comes only if the tone manifests itself as soreness, duration and such symptoms (recorded on ultrasound) such as opening or shortening of the cervix. To maintain pregnancy and, accordingly, reduce tone, use progesterone suppositories. As for antispasmodics, according to experts, they are not effective in this case.
  • Third trimester (mid and late).
    Tonus at this time is usually due to serious changes in hormonal levels and the natural preparation of the cervix for childbirth. Although, it happens that cramping pains can flow into labor pains. Then urgent medical attention is required if there are three (or even more) weeks left before delivery.

How to independently relieve uterine tone during pregnancy?

How to quickly remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancyEven if the doctor did not consider it necessary to tell you about the symptoms and treatment of this phenomenon, and nothing really bothers you, except for minor spasms, it will not be superfluous to find out how to cope with the tone on your own. Of course, no one canceled the visit to the doctor – and at the slightest doubt, you should immediately go to the doctor or call an ambulance… But useful information will always come in handy.

  • Relax.
    It has long been a proven fact that with absolute relaxation of the facial muscles, the entire body is automatically relaxed, and the uterus in particular. This relationship is proposed for use by expectant mothers. There is nothing complicated about the method. It is enough at the first symptoms of discomfort to sit in the most comfortable position and try your best to relax all the cervical and facial muscles.
    Breathing is only calm, even, and on exhalation, tension is released. Exercise on a regular basis will give the woman control over her body, which will of course come in handy during childbirth.
  • Cat pose.
    How to quickly remove the tone of the uterus during pregnancyThis exercise is also not particularly difficult, and many are familiar from school. Bend your back in a “on all fours” position while inhaling deeply and lifting your head. In the process, try to relax your facial muscles and hold the “deflection” for a few seconds. Then bend your back in the opposite direction, lowering your head to exhale. After 3-4 exercises, rest in a horizontal position for an hour or two.
  • Also, to relax the uterus, you can simply stand on all fours for a couple of minuteswith your elbows on the floor. But don’t forget to rest on your bed afterwards.
  • Taking magnesium (always in combination with vitamin B6) also helps to relax the body in case of sleep disturbances, stress, tension. Magnesium is recommended in the amount of 1-2 tablets / 1.5 weeks, followed by a break.
  • Are you in a hurry? Are you late for the bus or for another certificate? All things will wait! Nothing can become more important to you than the crumb inside you. Need to urgently pick up an older kid from kindergarten (school)? Ask your husband or relatives. And in general, wherever you are in a hurry, if you feel the tension – stop and relax.
  • Prevention of uterine toneAromatherapy.
    Put an aroma medallion in your bag, having previously chosen a pleasant, soothing relaxant. Warm baths with aromatic oils will not harm either (just do not overdo it with the number of drops). And remember that some aromatic oils can, on the contrary, tone up – be careful.
  • Soothing tea.
    Mix mint, lemon balm, motherwort and valerian (2/2/1/2), boil with boiling water, take with honey and relax.
    Do not jump out of bed immediately after the tension has released you – the body needs time to recover.
  • Prevention of uterine toneMotherwort and valerian tablets are not prohibited (it is better to completely remove alcoholic tinctures) – they will not cause harm in the recommended doses.
  • Positive films, comedy films and any sources of joy and positive emotions are also one of the ways to relieve stress.
  • Don’t forget about calm relaxing music and yoga for pregnant women

How to avoid uterine tone?

Prevention of uterine tonePreventing is always better than a long and painful treatment. Therefore, try to adhere to traditional rules and methods that allow you to move these nine months without additional hospitalizations and medications. So what do you need?

  • Complete Appropriate Diet, which also involves the mandatory intake of vitamins.
  • Maximum decrease in motor activity… In some cases, bed rest.
  • If necessary – drug therapy to relax the uterus.
  • Drinking the right amount of fluid (usually – at least 1.5 l / day, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor for edema and polyhydramnios).
  • Mandatory keeping calm in any situation (auto-training).
  • Prevention of uterine toneWalking and gymnastics (daily, without fail).
  • Eliminating all causes of stress, avoiding physical activitythat can provoke tension in the uterus.
  • Minimizing the use of computers and mobile phones, TV and especially microwave ovens. Away from radiation.
  • Replacing tight clothing comfortable and spacious.

And most importantly, don’t panic. A slight tension in the uterus is characteristic of the body during pregnancy. But taking care of yourself and promptly reporting to the doctor about your concerns is the minimum program.

The website warns: self-medication can harm your health and threaten the life of your future baby! The recipes given here do not replace medication and do not cancel going to the doctor!

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