How to remove nasolabial folds at home

How to remove nasolabial folds without injections: massage and fitness for the faceThe nasolabial folds are a clear sign of skin aging, which manifests itself in the form of pronounced creases or thin grooves located between the corners of the mouth and the wings of the nose. To eliminate them, many cosmetic hardware procedures or invasive techniques can be used.

The content of the article:

  1. How to remove nasolabial folds
  2. Massage
  3. Revitonika and Osmionika
  4. Face building

However, in some cases, when the skin is still relatively young, massage and facial fitness courses may be sufficient to eliminate them. In addition, such non-invasive techniques will be an excellent way to maintain the effect of smoothing nasolabial folds after expensive procedures in beauty salons or plastic surgery clinics.

What will help remove nasolabial folds at home?

In addition to anti-aging creams, peels and masks with a lifting effect, smoothing of the folds between the wings of the nose and the corners of the mouth can be achieved by systematically performing courses of various massage techniques or exercises for facial muscles.

Fitness for the face has no contraindications, and massage is not performed only in the presence of skin lesions, rashes in the area of ​​execution or neoplasms.

Facial massage

Various massage techniques can be used to smooth the nasolabials. Their purpose is aimed at smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin, increasing skin turgor by improving blood circulation and the production of collagen and elastin, eliminating congestion and folds.

Asahi massage became famous thanks to the Japanese beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka, who studied the massage techniques of ancient Japan for the face. She combined them into her simple technique – a worthy alternative to plastic surgery, allowing you to rejuvenate by 5-10 years.

Within the framework of this article, we will consider one of the most effective massage techniques for eliminating nasolabial folds (or, as they are popularly called, “flews”) – massage elements Asahi or Zogan

To carry it out, you will need:

  • Mirror.
  • Means to cleanse the skin from make-up and impurities.
  • Some free time.

Asahi massage is performed as follows:

  1. Cleanse the skin from impurities and makeup. It is convenient to sit or stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Place your fingers on the center (the so-called dimple) of the chin, press lightly and begin to slide them towards the corners of the mouth. “Sliding” of the skin upwards should not alarm you – it should be so.
  3. After reaching the corners of the lips with your fingers, you should start performing pressure on the nasolabials (or on the alleged place of creases). The pressure should last for about 5 seconds. The entire length of the folds should be worked out with them.
  4. Next, move your fingers along the cheekbones to the auricles.

Asahi massage against nasolabial folds

Asahi massage is best done in the morning or before bed. Its execution takes no more than 10 minutes, and the result will pleasantly please you after a few sessions.

Revitonica (REVITONICA) and Osmionika (OSMIONIKA)

These effective and unique techniques for improving the appearance of the skin and working out the muscles of the face and neck were developed by Natalia Osminina, who for about 20 years has been involved in the rehabilitation of patients with problems of the muscles and skin of the face.

Their principle of operation is based on the laws of biohydraulics, theoretical mechanics, biomechanics, etc.

People who are interested in this topic can find special literature in bookstores: “Fitness for the face. Revitonika System ”and“ Face Resurrection, or Ordinary Miracle ”. These books were written by N. Osminina.

In them, she tells in detail what Revitonika and Osmionika are. Natalia not only describes all the exercises of this system, but also talks about the reasons for the appearance of the main shortcomings.

The sets of exercises are divided by the author into blocks for the back, neck and different areas of the face. Natalia Osminina also developed an author’s block for eliminating nasolabials.

Revitonics for working out the muscles under the nasolabial rolls is performed after cleansing the skin as follows:

  1. Place your index and middle fingers together.
  2. Place them on top of the cheekbones near the wings of the nose.
  3. Stretch the lips so that they have the shape of an oval.
  4. Begin to silently count to eight, and at the same time open your mouth so that your lips maintain the shape of an elongated oval.
  5. During these actions, you should press on the cheekbones with your fingers.

Revitonics for working out the muscles under the nasolabial rolls

Octionics to relax the muscles surrounding the nostrils is performed as follows:

  • First part. Clamp the edge of the left nostril between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Place the index finger of the left hand around the nostril, and scroll the eights with two fingers. In order for this movement to work correctly, one should imagine that one finger is the zero of one part of the figure eight, and the second is the other zero of the figure 8. The fingers should be rotated relative to the conditional center of the figure eight. Octionics - part 1
  • Second part… Put the index finger, directing its tip to the nostril, along the nasolabial. Begin to perform vibrating movements with them, slowly moving your finger, pushing the lymph along the fold down. Movements should be slow and choppy. You can enhance the effect of this movement by simply sniffing. Octionics - part 2

Octionics to relax the lifting muscles of the wing of the nose and upper lip is performed as follows:

  1. Clamp the edge of the left nostril between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Place the index finger of the right hand at the inner corner of the left eye (this is the starting point of the muscle that lifts the wing of the nose). Move your fingers so that a crease forms between them. Pinch in such a way that the fold is not formed by the skin, but subcutaneously by fatty tissue and muscle.
  2. Rub the resulting roller until it disappears. Stretch the worked out area in different directions. Perform a pinch again, and periodically stretch the muscle.

Octionics to relax the lifting muscle of the wing of the nose and upper lip

The complex is performed alternately with each half of the face.

The exercises included in the Revitonics and Osmionics complex give a lifting effect, restore muscle tone, eliminate their tension and spasms. Thanks to their implementation, not only the effect of skin tightening is obtained, but also puffiness under the eyes is eliminated, wrinkles are smoothed.

Exercise should be done daily 1 – 3 times a day

Face-building, or yoga for the face

Gymnastics for nasolabial folds, face building, not only eliminates ugly nasal ridges, but also tightens the cheekbones and oval of the face. This technique is extremely popular all over the world.

Face building – an excellent alternative to plastic surgery and injection techniques. According to leading cosmetologists, every woman over 30 – 35 years old should own it.

Face-building is carried out as follows:

  1. Inhale, fold your lips with a pipe, begin to exhale and stretch out the “U” sound. Do not return the lips to their original position and transform the sound “U” into a lingering “O”. Repeat up to 20 times. Face building
  2. Draw air into the oral cavity and distill it from one cheek to the other. In this case, the nasolabial region should be strained as much as possible. Perform for 5 minutes. Face building
  3. On the cheeks, grab the skin with your thumb and forefinger. Stretch your mouth into a forced smile. At the same time, tension should be felt around the cheekbones. Perform 20 times. Face building
  4. Put your palms on your cheeks, and put your little fingers on the nasolabial hollows. Perform pushing movements for 2 minutes.
  5. Pronounce the sounds “E”, “I”, “O”, “A”, “Y”. Slowly at first, and then accelerate. Sounds spoken should be clear. At the same time, the muscles surrounding the mouth are noticeably tense.
  6. Draw more air into your mouth while inhaling. Distribute it under the upper lip and cheeks. Hold for 5 seconds and then sharply push out the air. Relax the muscles of the cheeks. Perform 5 approaches with rest breaks up to 5 times. Face building
  7. Open your mouth as wide as possible and fold your lips in the shape of an “O” (without folds). Fix the position of the lips for 25 seconds. After that, relax the muscles as much as possible. Perform 3 sets. Remember! This exercise should not be done by people with sunken cheeks. If this rule is not followed, the effect may be opposite and the visual defect will become more noticeable. Face building
  8. Pull the cheeks inside the oral cavity and hold them there for 2-3 seconds. Perform 2 approaches. Face building
  9. Take air into your mouth and roll it around there in a circle: first, inflate one cheek, drive air through the upper lip, inflate the other cheek, and then – the lower lip. Complete 10 sets. Face building
  10. Inhale the air and puff out your cheeks. Exhale the air with an effort. Face building
  11. Smooth the area of ​​the nasolabial rolls with the tongue inside the oral cavity. The tongue should move with effort from the wings of the nose to the corners of the lips. Face building

These exercises are clearer when you watch the videos that can be found on various Facebook building sites. Using visual photos, you can master the principle of their implementation.

If you want to understand how to remove nasolabial folds without injections, then try to master one of the above techniques: Asahi massage, Revitonika and Osmionika, or Face-building

If desired, they can be alternated – that is, to conduct courses of a particular technique for 2-3 months, and then perform exercises on a different system of smoothing the nasolabial rollers.

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