Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that you did not know

Keanu Reeves is not only an amazing actor, but also a person with no less amazing qualities: he is unassuming, generous and modest. In addition, you probably don’t know some facts about this celebrity that Reeves simply does not advertise.

By the way, did you know that at the dawn of his Hollywood career, the agent recommended that young Kean take the pseudonym Chuck Spadin? But the actor refused, because he values ​​his name and his origin very much. It was named after Kiaweahulu’s great-grandfather, which means in Hawaiian “A cool breeze blowing from the mountains.”

1. The pedigree of the actor includes five nationalities

Keanu Reeves

Patricia Taylor, the actor’s mother, is from Essex, England, and Samuel Reeves Jr.’s father is Hawaiian. In the pedigree of Keanu Reeves, there are English, Irish, Hawaiian, Portuguese and even Chinese.

2. He started out as a musician in the 1990s, but later opted for an acting career.

Keanu Reeves 2

Keanu and Robert Mailhouse form a rock band Dogstarwhere the future star worked as a backing vocalist. However, Keanu soon gave up his musical career and chose to pursue an acting career.

3. Keanu Reeves writes poetry

Keanu Reeves 3

With the support of his friend Alexandra Grant, the actor released a collection of his own poems “Ode to Happiness”. All of his poems are illustrated with ink drawings of Alexandra herself.

4. The actor even tried his hand at sports

Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that he does not want to advertise

Hockey was Keanu’s passion as a child. He stood at the goal and really wanted to play for the Canadian national team at the Olympics. However, by the age of 15, the boy began to be invited to shoot in commercials, and Keanu reconsidered his career ambitions.

5. Sandra Bullock confessed that she fell in love with Keanu, working with him in “Speed”

Sandra Bullock

The actress confessed her love for Keanu on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Keanu reacted like a gentleman, saying that he also lost his head from Sandra. Apparently, on the set, they still developed love chemistry.

6. Jan de Bont, director of Speed, objected to the actor’s long hair, and then Keanu radically changed his image

Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that he does not want to advertise

Jan de Bont considered that with such a hairstyle Keanu looked like a hippie, so the actor immediately shaved his head, and people around him almost ceased to recognize him. The film crew had to wait a bit for Keanu’s hair to grow back a little.

7. Keanu Reeves is directing

Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that he does not want to advertise

The painting “Master of Tai Chi” (2013) became the directorial debut of the successful actor. The film tells about the life and fate of stuntman Tiger Chen, with whom Keanu has long been friends.

8. Keanu is very generous and cordial with those he works with

Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that he does not want to advertise

The actor donated $ 75 million to work teams that made special effects and costumes during the filming of The Matrix, and then also bought motorcycles. Harley Davidson for the film crew.

9. Keanu Reeves uses a special hug gesture when taking pictures with his fans


An imitation of a hug is a gesture so as not to touch a person and not invade his personal space. Keanu is photographed with women just like that.

10. Keanu Reeves has long belonged to the elite of Hollywood, but he is, above all, a man who wants to be happy

Interesting facts about Keanu Reeves that he does not want to advertise

In an interview with the publication People Keanu admitted: “I try my best to avoid being alone. It’s complicated. I want, of course, both children and a family. But this goal is high, on the top of the mountain. I have to climb up there first. I need a little time for this. “

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