Interview with Regina Burd specially for magazine

In the past – the singer, ex-soloist of “Cream”, in the present – the loving wife of Sergei Zhukov and the mother of three children, as well as the owner of the family confectionery “Love and Sweets” – Regina Burd, gave an interview for our website.

Regina happily shared her impressions of her favorite places for family vacations, talked about the nuances of raising her kids – and what responsibilities a modern girl should be able to perform.

Interview with Regina Burd specially for magazine

– Regina, summer has come. How do you plan to spend this period?

– We have a tradition, we leave with the whole family to have a rest practically for the whole summer. Therefore, we will sunbathe, swim, eat fruit and just enjoy our family vacation.

– Do you usually stay in the city during the heat, or travel outside of it?

– Whenever possible, we try to leave the city, to a quiet place, and spend time with family and friends.

– Do you often go abroad in the summer? Where would you advise to go during a hot period?

– Yes, we are often. Of course, at sea! Where exactly – I can not advise.

The main thing is to have loved ones nearby, warm weather and the sea.

– What are your favorite holiday countries?

– Spain – we have a house there on the seashore. And, probably, I will answer, nevertheless, to the previous question: if you have not been to Spain, then be sure to visit this country. Delicious food, beautiful cities, especially architecture, nice people. Always warm.

I believe that Spain is one of the best countries for families with children. There is a lot of entertainment for them. So, if you have a family – feel free to choose Spain.

– Do your little ones have special preferences in rest – and in general, during their pastime?

– They are very active here. You will never get bored with them.

They love to have a rest, like Sergei and I – at the sea. We always visit a zoo in any country, if there is one – and, of course, Amusement Parks with various attractions. This is really very interesting, because in every country, city, everything is different.

We try to go to musicals. But – it does not always work out. We also love excursions, like exploring new cities and their history. I find this very helpful for the kids as they get to know different cultures, food and architecture.

– What hobbies do your kids have?

– Our youngest son Miron loves football, daughter Nick has been doing gymnastics for a long time, but now she and her son Angel are attending a theater studio.

Interview with Regina Burd specially for magazine

– Do you go to some special places to avoid close attention from the outside – or can you safely go with the whole family to the cinema or planetarium?

– We calmly go to all the same places where ordinary people go.

Of course, it happens that they come up to Seryozha, ask for an autograph or a photo together. He never refuses, he loves his fans. This is very nice (smiles).

By the way, we want to go to the Planetarium for a long time already. Thank you for reminding me. I’ll add it to our entertainment schedule.

– Regina, for sure, despite a happy and eventful life, sometimes you face fatigue. How do you restore strength?

– Of course, a dream. But sometimes it doesn’t work either.

I also go for a massage, it helps a lot to relax. Whenever possible, I try to do massage courses several times a year.

– As you know, you and your spouse have your own cupcake story. How did you come up with the idea to create it, and what is the main difference from other similar organizations?

– Yes, we started with Cupcake Story, but now we have done a rebranding – and opened a family confectionery “Love and Sweets”.

We already have five points, and we are not going to stop: these are VEGAS Crocus City, Central, Danilovsky, Usachevsky and Moskvoretsky markets.

Large selection of eclairs, pastries, cupcakes, cakes to order. Come!

On weekends, we have master classes for children, a DJ plays – it’s a lot of fun! All information can be found on our Instagram #love__and__sweets, or on the website of our pastry shop

The main difference from others is that everything is done with love, and we personally come up with different tastes for our desserts, design and so on. Everything is family-like!

– Do you have a big team?

– Yes, the shop employs 80 people, we are in touch for 24 hours.

Of course, our pastry chefs offer us their options. But I myself develop something. The tasting always takes a very long time, because we are constantly introducing new flavors. It takes a long time to figure out what will eventually sell.

There are also disputes. But I am grateful to my team, with whom we always find compromises.

– What are the “roles” in business for you – and for your spouse?

– Same. For us, this is another child we love. And we are putting in common efforts.

Sergei, whenever possible, is present at all our meetings. I really like that, despite his busyness, he puts in no less effort than I do. Therefore, when two people “burn” with one thing, a very good result is obtained.

– Do you cook yourself at home? Do you have a recipe for your signature dish?

– Of course, we are preparing. The signature dish is Sergey’s homemade cake. He knows how to cook more than ten types of cakes. They are delicious. We love to pamper ourselves with sweets.

Sergei, like a real chef who has a secret ingredient, does not tell what and how much he adds there (smiles).

– What do you think, a modern girl herself should “look after” household life – or is it okay to ask the help of maids and cooks?

– Everyone has different situations. But I believe that any woman should be able to keep the house in order and be able to cook. Without this, nowhere.

Yes, I do not hide it, we have a person who helps us around the house. But it’s not a problem for me to grab a mop and mop the floor, dust it, vacuum it, cook a family dinner. A modern woman should be able to do all this. After all, she is the keeper of the hearth.

– As for the upbringing of children … Does Sergey help? Or, due to the busy schedule of the artist, the main concern lies on your fragile shoulders?

– Of course, Sergey helps. However, due to his busy schedule, I mostly stay with the children.

But he is constantly in touch with them. Children know that even if dad is on tour, they can always call him – and talk, get some valuable advice that only dad can give.

Male upbringing must be present in the life of children. It is very important! So Sergey, like me, is always in touch with the children at any time.

– How do you feel about nannies? Do you turn to their help – or do grandmothers and other close relatives come to help?

– I have a positive attitude to nannies. I would say that this is a kind of salvation in the modern world.

Yes, we have a nanny. But grandmothers also help us. We cope with joint efforts (smiles).

– What are the main principles in raising children do you adhere to?

– We instill in them kindness since childhood. It seems to me that this is one of the most important qualities that will help bring up a worthy person.

It is also important to learn to always tell the truth. We are not hiding anything from them, we are trying to tell everything as it is.

The main thing is to always communicate with your children. If you see that your child is upset or dissatisfied, find out why. Maybe it is at this moment that he needs your support, and, having received it, he will change his attitude towards the situation because of which he is upset – and in the future he will already treat it differently.

– Do you plan your day in advance in order to be in time for everything?

– Oh sure. I have almost all my days planned in advance. I love it when everything is clear and on schedule.

It’s a little strange for me when people don’t know what they will do today, tomorrow. I do not like to live in a relaxed way. There is always something to do when you have your own business and you are a mom of three.

– How much time a day do you manage to spend with children?

– I am almost always with them. They can even go to work meetings with me.

Of course, I have my own schedule, they have theirs. But I try to spend every free minute with the children.

– You travel a lot. Have you borrowed from the culture of other countries any principles regarding the upbringing of children? What places are closer to you in this regard?

– Not. It seems to me that every nation has its own culture and mentality. So we bring up our children in our family traditions. This is neither bad nor good. This is an established tradition, and I like it.

– Perhaps a trivial question. But still – can you say why you fell in love with your spouse?

– He is very sincere and caring. Will never ignore. It’s always fun with him, he really likes to make surprises.

And when I look at him and my children, I understand that there can be no better dad in the world.

Interview with Regina Burd specially for magazine

– What is the main thing in a man for you? What qualities do you value first of all?

– Honesty, reliability and a sense of humor.

– Regina, and finally – please leave a wish for our readers!

– I wish everyone to find their love in life. Indeed, under the influence of love, people do great things.

Believe in yourself – and never give up if something is not working out for you. Go all the way to your goal, and your life will change for the better.

Especially for Women’s magazine

We are grateful to Regina Burd for a very interesting and warm conversation! We wish her success in business and cozy family happiness!

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