Is your man really a coward? Let’s figure it out!

Let’s talk about men’s fears and cowardice. Why be afraid of a man? Do our men have the right to be afraid and show cowardice at all? How to distinguish true cowardice from a wise and calm approach to life? The topic of this article is “is my man a coward.”

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!Quite often, topics about men’s fears and cowardice are created on women’s forums: “My boyfriend is a coward!”, “My lover is a coward!”, “My father is a coward!” “My husband is a coward!” In these topics, the girls describe situations in which, as they think, their man behaved like a real coward, showed spinelessness, folded, scared. Is this really so?

This article encourages a discussion of the various situations that any man can find himself in. Let’s consider them from different angles and try to figure out where cowardice, where wisdom, and where just indifference. What do we mistake for male cowardice and what for courage? When are men’s fears justified?

Table of contents:

1. Coward or tough driver? Situations on the road, when parking and if your beloved lady is driving.
2. Is our man our defender? Situations in which the manifestation of masculine power is required – to protect the girl from others.
3. Love and cowardice. When are men afraid of real feelings?

Coward or tough driver? Situations on the road, when parking and if your beloved lady is driving.

• Your man is unexpectedly overtaken or brutally cut on the road. Should he catch up with the offender and “punish”?

Where do we see cowardice? In this situation, hysteria can be considered a manifestation of cowardice. Hysterics can manifest itself in a crazy driving style, unusual for an adequate state of the driver, loud obscene screams and screams, tears. Explicit manifestations of fear and cowardice are unrestrained urination, refusal to drive a car completely.

How can you justify? However, this, like stopping for a smoke break, is not considered cowardice if in a traffic situation there was a real threat to the life of passengers or the life of the driver himself. Every person has a fear of death.

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!Not to be confused with incontinence and aggressiveness! Today, more and more often we hear in the news, we read in blogs stories about how someone fired at someone with traumatic injuries on the road, beat them with bats, broke glass, fired at a car, stabbed them with a knife as punishment for a particular road situation. Girls, in any case, never mistake such men for brave heroes. They have not defended their honor! They showed incontinence, unhealthy aggression. Such men, as a rule, go over their heads in life, feel impunity, achieve a lot, but do it at the expense of other people. Remember! Men who are ready to assert themselves at the expense of the life and health of other people, in fact, are extremely unsure of their strengths and the value of their own life and regularly try to prove to themselves that they are not cowards and are worth something in this life.

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!• Should he vacate a “foreign” parking space.

According to the law, if a man really parked on someone else’s plot of land, then he must be shown a paper, which says that “the place was bought or rented by some company.” If you come to visit and park in a strange yard and the man is asked to park the car, and the place is clearly public, then options come.

Where do we see cowardice? The man excused himself and parked quietly.

How can you justify? Perhaps he was not scared at all, but simply very tired and does not want to get involved in uncomfortable dialogues. Another option, he was asked to park by a veteran grandfather, or a girl with three babies and five bags from Ikea)) Here your man is a young man!)

Do not confuse cowardice with prudence. Perhaps he was asked to give way by a stronger, more authoritative man and your boyfriend, the husband decided that in this situation it is safer (including for you) to yield, and not get involved in a conflict. Ideally, the husband should try to negotiate with the man before leaving. Explain that he’s here for a couple of hours. If in front of you is not adequate, and the husband is objectively weaker physically and does not have any special connections, then indeed, the decision to leave will be reasonable!

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!• You are involved in an accident, you have problems in the parking lot. They told a loved one.

You inform your husband, lover, boyfriend about your problem and wait for his reaction. What will a real man do? To begin with, if you called him, it means that you have already informed him about the problem and need support. However, in the hustle and bustle of business, it is difficult to understand what kind of support you need – to reassure you by phone or to come urgently? Tell about it yourself!

Where do we see cowardice? You got into an accident or an unpleasant situation in the parking lot, ask to come, and he refuses, despite the absence of very important things.

How can you justify? Perhaps you are the type of lady whose broken nail is also a tragedy? Men, too, get tired of constantly satisfying our whims, even if in general they like this trait in our character. Another option is that you yourself create conflict situations around yourself, you yourself are on the rampage and are accustomed to the fact that he solves these problems for you. Perhaps only you like this game, but he decided to teach you a lesson and make you solve the problem yourself.

Not to be confused with indifference and busyness. If a man does not come to the rescue, this is a signal. It is worth thinking about how dear you are to him and whether you are in general. Also, reconsider your attitude to his affairs, what you may think is not important, may be important to him.

Is our man our defender? Situations in which the manifestation of masculine power is required – to protect the girl from others.

• Standard situation on the street. You are being harassed by other men – robbers or just hooligans. There are several of them, your husband is one.

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!Where do we see cowardice? Cowardice can be considered if your man runs away, leaving you alone to figure it out, or grabs your hand and offers to run away quickly together.

How can you justify? Perhaps he realizes that he really cannot cope with them, and the hooligans are aggressive, then running away together is one of the options for a reasonable solution.

Not to be confused with wisdom. When there are really several guys and a man objectively understands that he cannot beat them, it is also reasonable: a) try to explain verbally that it is better not to mess with you b) ignore the harassment and move on.

My man is a hero! If the guy still got involved in the battle with the scumbags, realizing that the outcome can be anything – he is either reckless or a hero). Here you need to look at the situation. But sometimes, we girls, should think about what is more important for us – to be with a dead hero or a disabled hero, or to be with a reasonable but healthy coward !?

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!• You had a fight with a woman. Should a man intervene?

Where do we see cowardice? The man has withdrawn from your conflict.

How can you justify? Many men prefer not to get involved in women’s showdowns, so as not to come out guilty. This is partly cowardice, and partly wisdom and experience.

Not to be confused with incontinence. He decided to teach the offender a lesson and beat her well or swore obscenities. Now think about the fact that he violated our beloved taboo “not to beat a woman”, maybe he will use force against you too?

My man is a hero! You can consider your man a hero if he helped remove an insane person from you who threw herself at you with fists. Do not hit, but remove! Or take you away from the place of the conflict situation. Thus, he simply extinguished the conflict and at the same time retained his image of a cultured, calm, self-confident person.

Love and cowardice. When are men afraid of real feelings?

• He doesn’t say “I love you.” Fears?

Is your man really a coward?  Let's figure it out!

How can you justify? Perhaps these words really have a VERY great meaning for him. He does not throw words to the wind. And he will tell you the cherished 3 words before making an offer, when he is completely sure that you are two halves.

Does he not love you? The second and only option is that his feelings for you cannot be called love. Perhaps there is just sympathy between you on his part, or perhaps he initially does not consider any serious relationship between you.

• He doesn’t want to get married. He is frightened by the stamp in his passport.

How can you justify? Perhaps your man’s fears are reinforced by the fact that he has a bad marriage, a runaway bride, or a bad example from his parents. We recommend that you persuade your loved one to contact a psychotherapist for advice.

Not to be confused with cowardice! Some men (especially young men) are shy about getting married as such, especially if their young friends are still walking around and changing partners. For them, marriage, like living together, is a restriction of freedom not only for their own, but also in the eyes of those around them. This cowardice goes away with time.

Does he not love you? There is also such an option. A man subconsciously or even already consciously realizes that it is harder and harder for him to name the feelings between you as love. Perhaps he got bored, “burned out”, or maybe he just thinks that it is difficult to live with you. If you are an independent lady and demonstrate this in every possible way, then a man is afraid that in the struggle for you he will have to spend his whole life and he will not be able to be the master of his destiny. Also, pay attention to how calm and comfortable it is to live with you? Will you scandalize? Do you cook well? Men love comfort and are afraid of losing it.

The main thing is girls, do not forget that men are the same people as you and me. Sometimes their fears grow deeply from childhood, sometimes they are associated with the environment, sometimes they are born in the course of acquiring one or another life experience. Try to support your men, help them fight their fears. Their success is in your hands!

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