John Deere 569 Round Baler For Sale

While the John Deere 569 Round Baler and the 560M Round Baler share many features, there are some differences. Both machines offer the same features, but the 560M is more expensive. These differences are mainly cosmetic and small details. In the end, the engineers did not want to compromise the benefits of the former. Hence, both machines are worth the price. Nonetheless, you need to know how to choose one over the other.

A 560M Round Baler is a more advanced model of the former, and it is designed to handle wet and heavy crop. Its slotted top allows air to circulate, which reduces wind drag. The machine also features a padded system that prevents wrapping in thick hay. Additionally, it is equipped with an auxiliary take up roll that prevents belt crossover in wet conditions.

The John Deere 560M Round Baler is a replacement for the old 569. It has a lot of new features, including an improved net wrap brake. It features a double-width spring that can kick out the bale with more force. It has a more powerful net wrap brake, with a wider, more even surface area. This makes the machine easier to use and more reliable.

While a 560M Round Baler has similar functions to its predecessor, the 560M Round Baler is better-equipped for heavy and wet crops. The new machine has a powered cross auger to prevent wet hay from moving up the belts and reduces crop build-up around the 13-roll chamber. It also has a starter-roll scraper knife to prevent wrapping in thick hay. Finally, it has an auxiliary take-up roll that helps to reduce the belt crossover in damp conditions.

The John Deere 560M Round Baler has a slotted top to allow air to pass through and lessen wind drag. This new model also features a new net wrap brake. The 569 had a padded system and a metal net wrap box. The new one has a plastic net wrap box. It has a slotted top and a more even wear.

The 560M Round Baler has a few key differences from the previous model. The 560M has a padded system and is only available in the M-model. Its mechanical changes include an enhanced net wrap brake. The 560M has a 80% net wrap brake surface area. The new one is better than the previous model. Unlike the older model, the new 560M has more springs.

The 560M has several differences. The yield sign on the five69 has been moved to the top. On the other hand, the yield sign has been relocated from the bottom to the top. The 560M has a larger yield sign than the previous model. The five60M is also more compact and easy to maneuver. There are other differences in these two machines. The 5-69M has a larger yield box and a smaller width.

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