John Fred And His Playboy Band Discography

The discography of John Fred and His Playboy Band is filled with hits, classics and covers of popular songs. The six-foot five inch soul singer had a blue eye and was a charismatic presence. His first album, Agnes English, was a parody of the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The group was then known as John Fred and His Playboys and their biggest hit was the international smash, “Somebody’s Knockin'”.

As a singer, Fred’s blue-eyed soul vocals were most prominent on ‘She Shot a Hole In My Soul.’ The band split up in the late 60s, and Fred went on to form new groups and even work as a producer for RCS in Baton Rouge. The discography of John F. and His Playboy Band is a must-listen for any fan of the sixties.

His ‘Mama Mia’ was a brilliant blend of the Playboys’ R&B-soul sound and the British invasion pop of the era. This song was released in 1963 and peaked under the Billboard Hot 100 the following year, but it was an unexpected hit and gave the band its first major international hit. It was followed by a second number-one single in 1967, ‘Judy in Disguise With Glasses’, which was not as well received.

After forming the band, Fred continued to record as a producer and talent scout. He coached a high school basketball team and hosted a popular local radio show. He passed away in April 2005. The Playboy Band discography contains hits by many of the band’s members. It is also a discography of the band’s classic albums. They’ve influenced generations of pop music.

A number of albums from the Playboys were a flop. Despite their success, their discography reveals that their most popular records were hit singles. However, their chart-topping success was not due to a hit record, but to their ability to write songs that would appeal to a wide range of listeners. It’s not hard to find the discography of John Fred and His Playboy Band.

A few of the songs in the Playboy Band discography were hit singles. One of the most successful was ‘Judy in Disguise’, which was a satirical cover of the Beatles’ ‘Judy in Disguises’. This song rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and became a hit for the Playboys.

After his successful career as a singer, Fred joined a number of other bands. The Playboys’ first hit was ‘Judy in Disguise’, which made John Fred a household name. The band’s second hit, ‘Judy in Disguises’, was a satire of the Beatles’ ‘Judy in Disguisum’, ‘Judy’, and ‘Judy in Disguite’. The song peaked to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. While it was a failure, it was still an impressive debut, and it launched the careers of members of the group.

In the late sixties, the band’s ‘Judy in Disguise’ hit topped the charts in many countries, including Germany. The song is an homage to Little Richard, which was released by a group called Playboys. A satirical version of the Beatles’ ‘Judy’ also reached the top ten on the UK’s singles chart.

After establishing the group as a recording act, John Fred and His Playboy Band’s first hit was the title track ‘Judy in Disguise’, which was a satire of the Beatles’ ‘Judy in Disguises’. The song went on to become an international hit, but was unsuccessful as a solo record. It was the only one to be released in the UK.

Upon hearing “Shirley”, Montalbano booked a recording session with the Playboys. It was backed by Domino musicians. The song reached the top eighty-two position in the Billboard Hot 100 in March 1959. After a successful recording session, Gourrier flew to New York City to perform on Alan Freed’s television show, The Big Beat. He also declined an invitation to appear on American Bandstand by Dick Clark.

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