List of the best films of 2018, which can already be watched

The best films of 2018, already released on the screens - TOP 15Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to catch cinematic novelties in cinemas with comfortable seating and popcorn. Most busy successful women simply do not have enough time for entertainment, so they have to watch movies at home on weekends.

And so that you do not have to dig for a long time in a heap of amazing, just good, “so-so” and frankly unsuccessful, new products, we have compiled for you TOP-15 paintings of 2018, which were recognized by the audience as the best.

We watch – and enjoy!


Country Russia.

A film by Danila Kozlovsky (directorial debut) with him in the title role. In addition to him, the roles are played by V. Ilyin and A. Smolyakov, O. Zueva and I. Gorbacheva, and others.

There is an opinion that Danila slightly tired the Russian viewers with frequent flashing on the screens, but the Coach is the very case that can be called a quality solid exception.

2018 Movie - The Coach

Shake off for a while a healthy dose of skepticism and mistrust – Russian modern cinema can still pleasantly surprise you!

“They fell and rose!”: This picture is not even about football, but about ordinary people who do not give up, no matter what.

Gogol. Viy

Country Russia.

Film by Yegor Baranov.

Roles: A. Petrov and E. Stychkin, T. Vilkova and A. Tkachenko, S. Badyuk and J. Tsapnik, etc.

A full-fledged Russian blockbuster, the events in which from the very first minutes develop rapidly, captivating the viewer – and not allowing them to come to their senses until the final credits.

Gogol.  Viy

A spectacular movie about the battle with otherworldly forces, created in a modern professional, original and beautiful way. Moreover, not only due to excellent special effects, but, to a greater extent, thanks to camera work, acting – and, of course, excellent music.

A mystical thriller for thrill-seekers, when “the blood runs cold in their veins” is a Russian high-quality “horror film” for the coming sleep!

Han Solo. star Wars

Country: USA.

Roles: O. Ehrenreich and J. Suotamo, V. Harrelson and E. Clarke (yes, the Dragon Queen plays here!), D. Glover and T. Newton, and others.

A film by Ron Howard about the adventures of young Han Solo and Chewbacca, the beginning of their “space flying career” and the great path of galactic smugglers.

Han Solo.  star Wars

Star Wars has been alive and well for over 40 years, and more than one generation has grown up in this saga. But Han Solo breaks the traditional rules of the saga: there is no war as such, and each hero can switch from evil to good back and forth, stunning the viewer with unpredictability.

A fascinating movie with talented actors and a wonderful atmosphere of Star Wars: a modern continuation of the saga without losing the legacy of the past.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Country: USA.

Roles: R. Rudd and E. Lilly, M. Peña and W. Goggins, B. Cannavale and D. Greer, et al.

Painting by Peyton Reed.

As viewers move away from the new Avengers, Marvel is struggling to keep their attention.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

An almost family-friendly movie with a moderate level of violence, lots of humor, and quite enjoyable protagonists. You will not find a global threat here, but its absence does not spoil the viewing experience at all.

8 Ocean’s friends

Country: USA.

Roles: S. Bullock & C. Blanchett, E. Hathaway & H.B. Carter, Rihanna & S. Paulson, et al.

A painting by Gary Ross about the greatest robbery that Debbie Ocean has been preparing for over 5 years.

8 Ocean's friends

To fulfill the plan in life, she needs only the best, and she finds unique specialists who must help her remove $ 150 million in the form of diamonds from Daphne Kruger’s neck …

An entertaining comedy for girls – and, of course, about girls – bright, funny, and memorable.


Country Russia.

Roles: K. Khabensky and K. Lambert, F. Yankell and D. Kazlauskas, S. Godin and R. Ageev, G. Meskhi and others.

Director’s work by Konstantin Khabensky about the uprising of prisoners in the Nazi death camp Sobibor in 1943.

20 best films about the Great Patriotic War for family viewing – a selection for Victory Day

The script of the picture was written based on the work of Ilya Vasiliev about Alexander Pechersky. When filming the film, its creators consulted with the Pechersky family, trying to achieve maximum believability. The death camp (scenery) for filming was recreated according to the drawings – in full compliance.


A war drama in which the director did not play on the feelings of the Russian audience, but simply reminded of what should not be forgotten. The film, which under the final credits in many cinemas in Russia (and not only), was accompanied by applause.

I’m losing weight

Country Russia.

Directed by Alexey Nuzhny. Roles: A. Bortich and I. Gorbacheva, S. Shnurov and E. Kulik, R. Kurtsyn and others.

Anya loves Zhenya most of all and … has a delicious meal. Disappointed Zhenya leaves. But the naive and notorious Anya is not going to give up …

I'm losing weight

Sasha Bortich had to eat 20 extra pounds for this role. For the first time in the history of cinema, the actress had to gain weight and lose kilograms right in the process of filming – within the plot. Losing weight took the actress 1.5 months, after which the shooting continued.

An excellent Russian film that will amaze you in the heart with its sincere acting, camera work and an abundance of interesting moments. A motivator film for everyone who is going to lose weight, and just a positive picture with a charge of optimism.


Country Russia.

Directed by Rustam Mosafir.

Roles: A. Fadeev and A. Kuznetsov, V. Kravchenko and A. Patsevich, Y. Tsurilo and V. Izmailova, etc.

More and more films about the times of Kievan Rus appear in Russian cinema. Not all of them were to the taste of the audience, but Skif was a pleasant exception.


This picture is about valor and honor, fascinating, with sincere acting, mysticism and an amazing sense of presence.

Despite a rather sluggish start, the plot quickly gains momentum and powerfully draws the viewer into an atmosphere of sheer viewing pleasure.

Olga, princess of Kiev: sinful and holy ruler of Russia

My life

Country Russia.

Directed by Alexey Lukanev.

Roles: A. Babenko and P. Trubiner, M. Zaporozhsky and A. Panina, etc.

Another picture, taken, apparently, for the World Cup, but which has become really interesting even for those who have never been sick with football.

My life, 2018

The path to a dream always requires sacrifice, and the drama “My Life” proves this 100%. A human sincere story, shown by a talented filmmaker with love for detail.

Russian cinema for the Russian audience.


Directed by Alexey German Ml.

Country: Russia, Poland, Serbia.

Roles: M. Maric and D. Kozlovsky, H. Suetska and E. Herr, A. Beschastny and A. Shagin, and others.

A film about several days of Dovlatov’s life in those very 70s in Leningrad, shortly before Brodsky’s emigration.

Dovlatov, 2018

The family of Sergei Dovlatov fully took part in the making of the film.

Anna’s War

Country Russia.

Directed by Alexander Fedorchenko.

In the main role – Marta Kozlova.

The family of 6-year-old Anna was shot along with everyone.

The girl remains alive thanks to her mother, who shields her from bullets. Hiding in the fireplace for 2 years in a row from the Nazis, Anna still waited for release …

Anna's War

A successful film experiment by Alexander Fedorchenko: a strong drama, in which there are almost no words, about how a little girl grows up in a war, without losing herself and stubbornly resisting the bestial and terrible grin of war.

King bird

Country Russia.

Directed by Eduard Novikov.

Roles: Z. Popova and S. Petrov, A, Fedorov and P. Danilov, etc.

Deaf taiga. Yakutia. 30s.

The elderly couple live out their days leisurely fishing, hunting and livestock.

King bird

Until one day an eagle flies to them to settle in their house and take its place of honor next to the icons …

Beauty for the whole head

Country: China, USA.

Directed by Abby Cohn.

Roles: E. Schumer and M. Williams, T. Hopper and R. Skovel, et al.

With all her might, the girl is trying to become irresistible, intensely engaged in fitness, losing nerves on diets and excess moisture on simulators.

Beauty for the whole head

From which fate once throws it off in the literal sense. So much so that after waking up, the poor man becomes completely confident in his own irresistibility …

A worthy funny movie for everyone who has not yet overcome their complexes!

You drive

Country: USA.

Directed by Jeff Tomsich.

Roles: E. Helms and D. Renner, D. Hamm and D. Johnson, H. Beres and A. Wallis, et al.

Five adult friends have been playing tag for 3 decades already. Traditions are important to follow, so the game continues from year to year …

You drive

A funny movie with a lot of funny moments and a pleasure to watch.

Don’t you want to grow up too? Then this picture is for you!

At the mercy of the elements

Country: USA, Iceland and Hong Kong.

Directed by Balthasar Kormakur.

Roles: S. Woodley and S. Claflin, D. Thomas and G. Palmer, E. Hawthorne and others.

The painting was created based on T. Ashcraft’s biographical book “Red Sky …”. Most of the filming took place on the high seas.

The film, created by the director of “Everest”, turned out to be sincere and spectacular. It should be noted that the story described in the picture is based on real events.

At the mercy of the elements, 2018

In the 83rd year, Tami and Richard, who decided to deliver a yacht to San Diego, fall into the heart of Hurricane Raymond. This story is about how a couple survived in the Pacific Ocean, against all odds.

A high-quality disaster film, striking in its realism. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your favorite movies and watching tips.

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