Livingbobby Net Worth

Living Bobby Net Worth

Livingbobby, an American travel vlogger on YouTube, has amassed an audience of more than 2.7 million since joining back on August 19th 2014. Livingbobby loves traveling while also informing his viewers about local culture and food in each area they visit – this makes his touring video blogs highly renowned due to his dedication and creativity in post-production editing.

His videos about how to live inexpensively in big cities have made him famous, while he is an avid fitness enthusiast who takes great care with his health and well-being – an inspiration to fans and followers alike. He enjoys an idyllic lifestyle with his gorgeous wife; their earnings from YouTube, sponsorships, and other sources has cemented his place as an influential individual.

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Bobby Boyd net worth is an American YouTuber born July 21 1993 in the United States. As a travel vlogger and professional YouTuber who makes videos on how to travel around on a budget, Bobby is best known as hosting “Bobby’s Budget Travel”. Additionally he serves as part-time real estate agent and travel blogger.

Recent reports estimate his net worth to be approximately $1.2 Million, making him one of the best role models for young people who aspire to pursue their dreams. His travel and lifestyle videos are highly inspirational to many youth.

YouTube viewership for his videos has exceeded 80 Million, while earnings per month on the platform stand at approximately $500K. Through these videos he has successfully promoted various products while garnering various awards and nominations for his efforts.

He is an award-winning author and actor, appearing in several movies as an extra. Additionally, he’s often invited onto radio programs and podcasts; not forgetting his highly active social media account where he regularly shares photos and videos on Instagram.

He is an avid traveler and has traveled to multiple countries around the globe. Additionally, he enjoys taking pictures and has amassed an extensive photo library. With an amazing sense of humor and entertaining his audience through dance moves like breakdancing or his beautiful singing voice he knows exactly how to keep people interested and wanting more! Not to mention an unforgettable dancing talent as well! His charming personality never ceases to impress people while always seeking self-improvement! His positive vibes spread easily around him making his videos loved by many; many consider him an idol for many others!

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