Max Weber Psychological Test – Which Leader Are You?

Psychologists distinguish several types of leadership. For example, Max Weber proposed a classification of 3 types of leaders: traditional, charismatic, and regionally legal.

Colady brings you a simplified leadership test based on Max Weber’s typology.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the picture with 3 cats. They are completely different. Which cat attracts your attention more? Make a choice and see the result.

Psychological test What kind of leader are you?
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Max Weber Psychological Test - Which Leader Are You?

Cat # 1 – Charismatic

You are a person with incredibly strong energy, who cannot but attract attention to yourself. People are ready to follow you everywhere, just to be near, because subconsciously they want to imitate you. Charisma is your main tool. You solve many problems by using it, your main psychological weapon.

You always have leadership qualities, but you may not be aware of this, as you always strive to avoid unnecessary responsibility. Nevertheless, you have a mass of followers, people who are ready to listen to you and listen to every word.

At first glance, it may seem that there is something mystical in your influence on people. But this is not the case. It’s just that charisma is a really powerful tool of manipulation and influence that you must learn to use.

Psychologist Max Weber gave an example of charismatic leaders: Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin.

Cat # 2 – Traditional

You are the conductor of the orchestra. Calm, level-headed person who follows a plan. You will never shoulder more responsibility on your shoulders than you “pull.” Competently weigh the pros and cons. Accurate in business. You have good diplomatic skills. Skillful businessman. Know how to negotiate with your opponent using your strengths. Dexterous manipulator.

You are not one of those people who will give up when the first difficulties arise. You know how to resist. Good tactician and strategist. People are ready to follow you, as subconsciously they are drawn to your composure and mind.

Examples of traditional leaders according to Max Weber: Peter I, Catherine II.

Cat # 3 – Soft (Legal)

Leadership potential in you is poorly expressed, however, you are one of those who are ready to take responsibility for other people, if circumstances require it.

Always act softly. Do not “press” on the interlocutors in a psychological sense. You rarely resort to manipulation. You prefer to remain a kind and decent mentor to others. Always listen to the opinions of all people depending on you before making a decision. It is not surprising that those around you appreciate and love you.

Examples of legal leaders according to Max Weber: A.G. Lukashenko, G. Bush, V. Putin.

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