Perfectly clean apartment in just 20 minutes a day. Down with general cleanings!

When doing housework, a woman has to reckon with her interests, hobbies and desires – washing, cooking and cleaning cannot be postponed, these matters require a lot of time and effort to solve them every day. It is even more difficult for those women who work, or who have a small child that requires constant attention. How to make routine house cleaning easy, step-by-step?

Is it possible to do without general cleaning of the apartment?

We clean the apartment every day and do not spend the weekend cleaning: the ideal schedule for the week
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It is so customary that the cleaning of the apartment is often left at the end of the week. Since most women work on weekdays, most often cleaning takes place on free days, which would be good to use for rest – on Saturday and Sunday. How to make it so that the cleaning of the house is evenly distributed over all days of the week, spending not so much time on it?

There have always been attempts to create cleaning schedules, a certain order for household chores. For some housewives, this acquired a certain algorithm and entered into everyday life, while other housewives, having failed to achieve success, abandoned this venture and returned to their old usual schedule.

In 1999, in the West, even such a concept as “finally loving yourself” appeared, which marked a whole movement of housewives who did not accept the routine of household chores and tried to give them some kind of ordered system, uniform throughout the week and easy to implement. This progressive model of housekeeping began immediately to conquer the world, and today many housewives are happy to use it to organize such uninteresting, but always necessary work.

Keeping a home clean and tidy requires a lot of work one day a week, or a little housework every day. With a reasonable and well-thought-out cleaning schedule for the apartment, weekends – Saturday and Sunday – can be completely excluded from them, leaving them only for relaxation and favorite things.

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Basic principles of the weekly cleaning schedule – what to consider

In drawing up an apartment cleaning for a week, the most important thing is to achieve an even distribution of work over the days of the week, otherwise the entire organized order will sooner or later “break down” and cease to exist.

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  1. Number of rooms in the house – they should be divided into five zones (for example: 1. Kitchen. 2. Entrance hall, toilet and bathroom. 3. Bedroom, dining room. 4. Children’s room. 5. Living room, balconies.).
  2. Some “zones” need to be cleaned more often than others – for example, toilet, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room. In addition to the day assigned to them, small cleaning in these areas must be carried out, for example, every other day.
  3. To prevent cleaning from becoming a routine matter, you need to provide yourself with a maximum of convenient and effective tools and devices for it – mops with attachments, a vacuum cleaner with a water filter, wet wipes for furniture, washing and cleaning household chemicals, gloves for hands.
  4. Although you will have a specific area cleaning every day, devote no more than 15 minutes to it. Believe me, this is enough to clean one or two rooms by moving vigorously. Those women who lack exercise can use this time to keep themselves in good shape.
  5. During cleaning it is recommended to include any music that you like, or audiobooks – this way you will simultaneously clean and “read”.

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The perfect weekly apartment cleaning schedule that takes little time

1. Monday

We’re cleaning the kitchen on Monday. If the kitchen has a balcony or pantry, these places also need to be cleaned. We start cleaning the kitchen from the farthest cabinets, the cabinet under the sink, behind the refrigerator… First, it is necessary to scatter the detergent powder over the surface of the stove, over the sink – this will help the old fat to “move away” more easily.

Having rearranged the jars and dishes in the cabinets, it is necessary to wipe the shelves under them, the cabinet doors. Once a week it is necessary wash the hood, and once every two weeks – clean filters on it. You need to start cleaning the kitchen by cleaning the cabinets, then you need to wash the oven, stove and sink, and finish cleaning by washing the floor.

Advice: So that it takes as little time as possible to clean the lockers, and all the products and things are organized and in plain sight, it is recommended to purchase jars for storing bulk products, and not to store cereals, pasta in bags, from which they can easily spill out.

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2. Tuesday

On this day, we clean the hallway, toilet and bathroom. First, you need to apply the cleaning agent to the enamel of the bathtub, to the sink, to the toilet, so that it starts to work. Then you need to spray the tile cleaner on the walls of the bath, toilet, wiping them with a dry cloth, rubbing them to a shine. After rinsing the plumbing, do not forget to wipe the nickel-plated surfaces with a dry cloth – shelves, taps, cabinet handles, shower rack.

If a lot of plaque remains on them, it is recommended to use a spray or gel descaler. After finishing work with plumbing, you need wipe the bathroom mirror, washing machine, shelves, wash the floors. In the hallway, you must first put things in order in the closet in front of the door, on the hanger – remove those clothes that no one is wearing anymore, put winter hats in bags and put away for storage, sort out those things that need to be washed before storing in the closet.

Shoes need to be wiped, leave only the pairs that you and your family wear at the door, the rest of the pairs of shoes must be put in the closet. In the hallway, you need to wipe the furniture, do not forget about the front door – it must be wiped both from the inside and from the outside. At the end of cleaning it is necessary to wash the floor, shake it outside and lay rugs by the door.

Advice: So that cleaning in the hallway, as well as in the bathroom, does not take much time, teach your household members to wipe the tiles in the bathroom after a shower, clean the sink from toothpaste and rinse the soap dish, wipe your shoes daily and put them away for storage in a timely manner, without accumulating at the doorstep …

3. Wednesday

On this day, you clean the bedroom and dining room. In the bedroom it is necessary, first of all, put things back in place, change bed linen, make the bed. Since there are always a lot of things in a given room, dust must be wiped very carefully, and the carpet must be vacuumed.

On varnished surfaces, dust must first be removed with a dry cloth without any means. Then treat the same places with a napkin applied with a special agent for varnished surfaces, polishing furniture to a shine, achieving its complete drying in order to avoid streaks. In the dining room, it is necessary to wipe the furniture in which there are dishes, backs and crossbars of chairs, picture frames, and vacuum the carpets. As a result, you need to wash the floors.

Advice: To prevent dust from accumulating during the week, the furniture in the bedroom must be wiped daily. A furniture cleaner with an antistatic effect will work well – there will be less dust. Things should not be dumped into a chair, but hung in cabinets or sent to a basket for washing.

4. Thursday

On Thursday, you need to clean the children’s room, and along the way you can do the washing in the washing machine, ironing the dried clothes. On this day, you can make it a rule water indoor plants, wipe furniture and floors on balconies, clean shoes, repair clothes.

Advice: So that the laundry after washing does not have to be steamed for a long time when ironing, you need to remove it from the lines slightly damp, put it in piles, and iron it the next day. So that cleaning in the children’s room does not take much time, you need to teach the child to put all the toys and things in their places after themselves within a week. At first, this process will not be very fast, but then it will be perfected by a child to automatism.

5. Friday

On the last day of the working week, you need to put things in order in the living room, for this you need to wipe all furniture, appliances, vacuum the carpets, wipe the windows, wash the floors. Everything unnecessary things must get out of this room in a week, and then there will always be order in the living room. If cleaning in the living room is not enough, then on Friday you can clean the floors, stove, kitchen sink, wipe the plumbing fixtures, mirror and floors in the hallway, toilet and bathroom.

Tip: So that on Friday you do not have to literally rake out the things abandoned by the household, toys from the living room, establish a rule that during the week all these things should be carried to their places.

So, the work week is over, the house is kept in order. You can devote two days of the upcoming weekend rest, hobbies, cooking delicious lunches and dinners, walking with a child… Products can also buy during the working week, one eveningso that you do not spend time queuing at the weekend. Here’s an example of a weekly must-have list.

The smallest cleaning tasks can also be done on weekends – for example, cleaning the dressing table, in the closet with toys, ironing washed clothes, fixing those clothes that need repair. On Saturday, you need to thoroughly wash your shoes, dry them well and polish them with a cream suitable for this type of material. Dust wipes should be rinsed well in water and dried – for cleaning next week.

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