Psychogeometric test to assess your personality type

Psychogeometry is a fairly new concept in assessing a personality type, based on the instant perception of various forms. What immediately catches the eye or pleases us is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the environment, relationship experience, occupation, and cognitive abilities. Consequently, the results of this test can change over time, which is quite natural.

The psychogeometric system was first used in 1978 Susan Dellinger, who at that time worked as a management coach in a large company. Its goal was to help managers, regardless of their experience and number of subordinates, to work effectively with their teams. This system is simple, but it is in no way inferior to more complex methods of assessing personality type.

Here are three banal pictures. Look carefully at them for no more than 5-10 seconds and choose the one that attracts you the most. The fact is that the option you choose reflects your personality type, but it is characteristic for you only at the current moment, that is, the result is relevant for a certain period of time, and not in the long term.

Susan Dellinger's Psychogeometry: A Simple Test to Assess Your Personality Type
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Susan Dellinger's Psychogeometry: A Simple Test to Assess Your Personality Type

1. Circle / oval

These people are more focused on their environment than on themselves. They strive to do everything in order to please their friends and relatives. They are great listeners, know how to give good advice and understand others, they are also interested in building good relationships. They are sociable individuals who are very afraid of making bad decisions and losing respect. In any conflict, they are ready to play the role of a peacemaker, but they do not always feel the personal boundaries of other people and can be somewhat tactless.

If you chose a circle, you may be illogical and inconsistent at times, somewhat slow, but kind and sympathetic. You have a pleasant tone of voice and a good sense of humor, charm, energy and love for comfortable everyday clothes.

Main pluses:

  • friendliness and generosity;
  • sociability;
  • the ability to fit into the team;
  • striving to make everyone happy;
  • sensitivity and empathy.

The main cons:

  • a tendency to melancholy;
  • unwillingness to take responsibility;
  • indecision;
  • fear of saying no;
  • a tendency to manipulate;
  • fear of ruining and ruining relationships.

So, we can conclude that people who choose a rectangle (square) and a triangle are distinguished by rationality and logical thinking. They prefer to organize and plan everything: work, personal life, leisure, relationships. Those who choose a circle (or oval) rely on intuition, are creative, and are often inattentive to little things and details.

2. Triangle

These people have leadership qualities, but they are more focused on personal careers and advancement than on work, productivity and results. They are literally obsessed with their goals and not afraid of competition; they know how to make decisions quickly, value their reputation, but are very reluctant to admit mistakes. They are capable of building an effective dialogue in any situation, just like real diplomats. They are respected, but at the same time they are a little afraid.

If you stop at the triangle, then you probably come to work before everyone else. There is little that can throw you off balance. You strive to be as aware of all events as possible in order to simulate their further development. You are an excellent team player, although at times you are prone to impulsive behavior. You tend to be neat, and you also like to surround yourself with expensive and status things.

Main pluses:

  • ambition;
  • leadership skills;
  • sociability;
  • the ability to concentrate on a goal or task;
  • efficiency in decision making.

The main cons:

  • heightened self-esteem;
  • conservatism;
  • impatience and a tendency to take risks thoughtlessly;
  • obsession with image and status;
  • egocentrism.

3. Rectangle / square

These people in their decisions are guided by pure logic, they themselves have high self-organization and perfectly organize the people around them, therefore they often occupy leadership positions. They are very hard at work, result-oriented, plus a little stubborn.

If you chose the first picture, you are characterized by practicality, punctuality, rational thinking, conservatism and reliability. You speak softly and slowly, you do not like to raise your voice, but you may have certain difficulties in communication due to your unwillingness to stand out and attract attention. You are neat and restrained, and this is manifested even in the choice of clothes – as a rule, “rectangular” people prefer classic things. You are not inclined to active gestures and emotionality and sometimes give the impression of a not very good interlocutor.

Main pluses:

  • love of rules;
  • organization;
  • meticulousness;
  • patience and perseverance;
  • punctuality.

The main cons:

  • lack of originality;
  • lack of creativity;
  • pickiness;
  • the tendency to avoid conflicts and confrontation;
  • excessive discipline.

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