Psychological Test – Which animal did you see first?

Psychological tests are carried out to better understand yourself, your personality. Psychotherapists regularly use picture tests as basic tools when working with a client. Are you ready to find out the truth about yourself? Understand what kind of person you really are? Then start the test right now.

What do we have to do? Take a look at the picture and remember the FIRST animal that you see on it. After that, see the result.

Psychological personality test - which animal did you see first
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Psychological Test - Which animal did you see first?


If the first animal you saw was a dog, then you are a loyal and friendly person. Don’t like to be alone. Strongly need support and approval from close friends. You are appreciated for your responsiveness and willingness to help in difficult times. You are a wonderful friend and companion.

One of your core assets is honesty. You never lie, only on rare occasions when a lie is good.


If the first animal you saw was a cat, then you are a self-confident and proud person. Never humiliate yourself in front of others. Have high self-esteem and self-esteem. You know how to build a psychological barrier around yourself that ill-wishers cannot break through.

Your basic skill is the ability to adapt perfectly and quickly to any conditions. Appreciate comfort, do not like physical labor. You rarely have communication problems. You are a cunning and flexible person by nature.


You are not to be proud of. You have high self-esteem and a lot of ambition. Some people think you are arrogant. In dealing with those who do not like you, you can really show not your best qualities, for example, pride, vanity, excessive straightforwardness, etc.

Difficulties and problems do not scare you at all. Know how to deal with stress and lead people. Do not tolerate it when someone violates your personal boundaries. Appreciate freedom and your own comfort.


You are a delicate person. When dealing with difficult issues, you prefer to prioritize feelings. Feel free to ask for help. You know your own worth, so there is little or who can / can humiliate you.

They are very sensitive and emotional. You often rely on loved ones. Their opinion is important to you. You live according to the principle “here and now”. The people around you appreciate you for your easy character and docile disposition.


If you saw a snake, you are probably a wise and delicate person. This beast symbolizes grace, caution and wonderful patience. You can hardly be called impulsive, but rather reserved and consistent. You live according to the principle “measure 100 times, cut 1 times.”

For many, you are unpredictable, as you are good at self-control. You are not one of those who seek protection, rather, you yourself provide it to others. You feel genuine pleasure in being needed by someone.


You are an empath. You know how to empathize, sincerely and naturally. People love you for your beauty of soul and decency. Never ask for trouble, they are very neat and delicate.

By nature, you are a kind and sympathetic person, but overly suspicious and fearful. You are pathologically afraid of failure, so you often give up ventures so as not to experience the bitterness of defeat. Have a hard time getting out of your comfort zone.

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