Psychological test – which man is ideal for you

Psychologists use art therapy to analyze the personal characteristics of people. Thanks to the method of free association, they manage to understand the attitudes and desires of their clients as accurately as possible.

Are you ready to apply the method of free association right now to understand which man is ideal for you? Then let’s not waste time!

What do we have to do? Take a look at the picture and tell me which dog attracts your attention the most. Make your choice intuitively, discarding your liking for specific dog breeds.

Colady illustration

You need to choose ONE dog. It will be he who will be your answer.

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TEST - the selected dog will tell you which man is ideal for you

1. Golden Retriever – Aristocrat

Great choice! You prefer to surround yourself with calm and docile men with good manners. Avoid rude people and boors. Appreciate intelligence in men, we are convinced that the sexiest male organ is the brain.

The grooming of the chosen one is extremely important for you, you put it in the foreground. But that’s not the point. First of all, you need an intelligent and understanding partner with whom you will not be ashamed to appear in public.

Never tolerate an aggressive and unfair attitude towards yourself. You subconsciously expect that your loved one will always show you kindness and condescension.

Your ideal man is kind, smart, well-groomed and fair.

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2. German Shepherd – Loyal and courageous

Love is an important part of your life. You value being honest and fair about yourself. Do not forgive traitors, but you yourself will never deceive your partner’s expectations. What should it be for you? The answer is real. Yes, yes, you only let real men close: strong, courageous and reliable. Who will not deceive or betray.

It is extremely important for you that your partner appreciates, praises and pampered you. Subconsciously (and perhaps consciously) you want to feel like a little girl who really needs a protector.

Your ideal man is brave, confident, stable and strong.

3. Yorkshire Terrier – Cute and romantic

Oh, such a choice speaks of your strong desire to dominate the relationship. You are a leader who strives to lead. Obeying and following someone is not about you.

You are looking for men who are psychologically weaker than you, however, who said that this is bad? Your chosen ones are sensitive and gentle natures who know how to love and give love in return.

You literally dissolve in a relationship, drowning in the abyss of romance and voluptuous feelings. This is wonderful! Also, such a choice indicates that subconsciously you strive to replace the man’s mother, therefore, you always take care of and control him.

Your ideal man – kind, gentle, willingly compromises.

4. Mastiff – Strong and calm

Oh, yes you would like to see the emperor next to you! If your choice fell on a mastiff, then subconsciously you would like to be in a relationship with a phlegmatic man who is always calm, but attentive.

Your ideal partner is strong, focused, stable and confident. Will not let anyone hurt you. Will always come to your defense, even if you are wrong. He is a good family man who will fulfill absolutely any male task (he will nail a nail, he will collect a closet, he will fry a kebab, etc.).

You won’t have to wait for a violent manifestation of feelings from him. Your beloved man is calm enough. It is useless to expect romance from him, since he is too brutal.

Your ideal man is strong, brutal, phlegmatic.

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