Psychological test – why do others envy you?

Sometimes we see evil, incomprehensible looks to us, people, directed at us. They often mask jealousy, which is known to be a bad feeling. Why might others envy you?

This psychological test is aimed at women who take an active life position. All you need to do to complete it is to choose one of 6 bags. Ready? Then get started!

Important! It is recommended that you make your choice intuitively. Take a look at the picture and think about which of the bags you would now take with you to go out.


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Bag number 1

Your communication skills are excellent. You can find an approach to anyone. You know how to convince people that you are right. A diplomat by nature, you prefer a compromise to a quarrel. Some people believe that you have psychic abilities. Why? Because of your ability to adapt to others and make friends. You are an open and benevolent person to whom others are drawn. This is what provokes evil people to envy you. They cannot build friendly relations with everyone!

Bag number 2

You are a very active person who always moves forward. Sitting still, waiting for the best opportunities is not about you. You are ready to challenge anyone to take risks and achieve goals. And the best part is that you always achieve them! This is why those around you are jealous of you. Your dedication and self-confidence can drive individuals who have a problem with self-sufficiency into complexes. Moreover, due to the large amount of positive energy, you seem to be a happy person, and this is another reason to envy.

Bag number 3

You are a gorgeous woman! An excellent hostess, a reliable friend, a businesswoman and a beauty standard – all this is about you. People envy your self-sufficiency and determination. You are not used to giving up. It is this quality that literally infuriates those who despair at the appearance of insignificant obstacles. Moreover, you have a financial streak. When it comes to making money, you have no equal. Your self-confidence and penchant for entrepreneurship makes potential losers feel inferiority complex.

Bag number 4

They are very feminine and gentle. You have a special charm and magnetism. Other women envy your ability to make men fall in love with you. Representatives of the stronger sex cannot miss such a spectacular lady, and this makes those who do not have the same beauty and grace angry. Natural charm is your main strong point. You know how to charm people and lead them. Keep it up!

Bag number 5

You are a stylish and fashionable woman. Do not skip information about beauty trends, always strive to follow the current fashionable conditions. Your friends know and understand that next to you they do not look so impressive. That is why many of them feel the real envy of you. You are the type of woman who puts on makeup, even if you decide to just go out into the yard to take out the trash. Men appreciate your desire to impress them.

Bag number 6

There are no obstacles for you. You are used to achieving success in any business that you would not undertake. You almost always achieve what you want. They are very effective. People who are less ambitious are jealous of your dedication and performance. They feel less talented around you. Friends and family consider you to be an outstanding person. And they are absolutely right!

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