Rebel Wilson lost 20 kg and had an affair with a millionaire

The fact that the comedian Rebel Wilson is rapidly losing weight became known back in January this year. The charming and smiling plump, who always loved herself and her body, unexpectedly dropped 20 kilograms for everyone and announced that she was not going to stop there. Throughout the year, Rebel delighted fans with her public appearances in dresses that accentuated her changed figure, and posted photos on social networks. And recently, the paparazzi caught the actress on the beach of Cabo San Lucas, where she boldly demonstrated the results of her labors.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson lost 20 kg and started an affair with a millionaire: this is what her figure looks like in a swimsuit

Rebel Wilson 2

To visit the beach, the star chose a conservative one-piece swimsuit in dark blue, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses in the style of “cat’s eye”. The positive changes are evident: the girl looked happy and confident. By the way, she spent more than one time, the star of “Pitch Perfect” was resting with her boyfriend, a handsome young man Jacob Bush.

Rebel Wilson lost 20 kg and started an affair with a millionaire: this is what her figure looks like in a swimsuit

New figure – new romance

Rebel’s life began to change late last year, during the filming of the musical Cats. It was then, due to the huge loads on the set, where the star had to perform complex dance steps every day for several hours a day, that Rebel began to rapidly lose weight. The actress liked the changes so much that she decided to continue losing weight and declared 2020 the year of health.

Regular exercises with a personal trainer, daily walking and proper nutrition according to a clearly developed scheme helped Rebel to lose a few more kilograms of weight and find a dream figure.

Rebel Wilson 5
Photo @rebelwilson

Another positive change in the life of the Australian is a new romance, and not with anyone, but with the heir to a multimillion-dollar industry. Jacob Busch is the co-founder and heir to the Anheuser-Busch brewery. The young man is 11 years younger than his chosen one, but such a difference in age is not a problem for him – he previously met with the reality TV star Adrienne Maloof, who was also much older than him.

Rebel Wilson 6
Photo @rebelwilson

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