Steve Jobs did not recognize his daughter, but left her millions

We know Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., as the genius of his day who changed the world of cutting edge technology. But if as a professional he was unique and unattainable, then as a father for his first-born he was frankly terrible.

Jobs’s first relationship and the birth of a daughter

By the way, Jobs himself, half Syrian, was adopted in infancy and grew up in a very strong and friendly foster family. In high school, he began dating Chris-Ann Brennan, and their uneven and unstable relationship with regular breakups and reunions continued for five years until Chris-Anne became pregnant in 1977.

Steve Jobs and Chris-Ann Brennan
Steve Jobs and Chris-Ann Brennan

From the very beginning, Jobs vehemently denied his paternity, claiming that Chris-Ann dated not only him, but other guys as well. That same year, he founded Apple and focused on growing his business, not his personal life. His daughter Lisa Nicole Brennan was born in May 1978, but the 23-year-old young father ignored the event.

In her memoirs, Lisa writes:

“My father arrived some time after my birth. “This is not my child,” he said to everyone around him, but still decided to see me. I had black hair and a big nose, and his friend said, “She’s absolutely your copy.”

Lisa and Apple Lisa

Since Jobs did not recognize the child as his own, this led to a lawsuit, and later DNA tests proved his paternity. Nevertheless, Jobs continued to insist that he had nothing to do with Lisa, saying that “28% of the male population of the States can be recognized by her fathers”… Paradoxically, at the same time, he developed a new computer, which he called Apple Lisa

Lisa and Apple Lisa

The relationship between father and daughter more or less improved when the girl was already grown up.

“All I wanted was to communicate with him so that he would let me be his princess, I guess. To ask him how my day went and listen carefully to me. But he became rich and famous at a young age. He was used to being the center of attention and just didn’t know how to treat me, ”admitted Lisa, who later took the name Brennan-Jobs.

Brennan Jobs, Lisa
Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Daughter’s Millionth Inheritance

After his death in 2011, Lisa wrote a book about her father.

“When I started working on it, I wanted to be pitied because I treated myself very badly,” she told the publication Guardian… “But the pain and shame are long gone, perhaps because I just matured. Although due to some moments I still feel uncomfortable. I was ashamed of myself, because my father did not want me, and I once asked him if I was really such an ugly child that he didn’t love me. He never looked through my childhood albums, and did not recognize me at all in my baby photos. I could not force him to be gentle and loving with me, as is the case with fathers of daughters, and I, of course, took it too painfully. “

steve jobs with daughter

When Lisa was a teenager, she briefly moved in with Jobs after an altercation with her mother. Once she asked her father if he would give her his old car when he bought a new one. “You won’t get anything,” he snapped. – Do you hear! Nothing”As a result, he left her millions.

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