Test – find out if your partner regrets the breakup

Parting with a loved one is very difficult. A large wound appears on the heart, which takes a long time to heal. But now not about that … Do you want to know how your partner copes with separation from you? Does he regret that you are now not together? Take our new Tarot test and find out for sure.

Does the partner miss
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Important! This test is relevant for those who have recently separated (up to six months). If you haven’t seen or interacted with your ex for many years, it doesn’t make sense to analyze his current attitude towards the end of your relationship.

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So, choose one of five cards …

Tarot test: does the partner regret breaking up?  Find out for sure!
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Card number 1 – Ace of Wands

Ace of Swords
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It is highly likely that the reason for the separation was a love triangle. You’ve probably noticed more than once that your partner is not indifferent to someone and this drained you emotionally. But, if you left the relationship not because of the betrayal of a loved one, then at the moment he is dominated by sexual energy.

Now your former life partner has a new passion, with which he builds a harmonious relationship. But, do not rush to get upset! The base of their relationship is intimacy, nothing more. Chances are high that your loved one is once trying to heal himself with a new relationship. In any case, now he has no time for you. Therefore, if you were looking for a reason to “knock” on him, then you should know, most likely, he will reject you.

Card number 2 – 9 of Swords

9 of Swords
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Does your partner regret your breakup? Definitely yes! At the moment he is in deep depression. His heart cries and hurts for you. The person lacks your attention, understanding and tenderness. I want to be around, to fix the situation.

He understands that he has messed things up and is trying to find a solution to the issue, to understand how to approach you. But he doesn’t know how to behave yet. Guilt literally eats him up. Perhaps the person regrets the words said earlier or the deeds he did. He would like to make amends to you.

Card number 3 – The Emperor

The emperor
Colady illustration

Does your partner regret not being together? No, he doesn’t regret it. Thinks of himself as an emperor. In the interpretation of your situation with him, he considers himself absolutely right. The break is your fault. He can keep a grudge for a long time, but he will not stoop to revenge, since this is below his imperial majesty.

The Emperor is a serious lasso in the Tarot. He describes an emotionally stable, courageous and very proud man who is not used to admitting his own wrong.

Advice: Give up trying to make peace with this person if you don’t want to be on the sidelines in the relationship.

Card # 4 – The Hanged Man

Colady illustration

This is one of the most serious arcana of the Tarot. The hanged man symbolizes a person cornered, who literally hung. He does not understand what to think and how to act. Does your partner regret the breakup? He doesn’t know himself!

On the one hand, the person misses you and worries about the fact that you broke up, and on the other hand, he understands the need to move on without you. In any case, he needs time to think things over. Do not disturb him now with a showdown. It is important that a person understands himself on his own.

Also, on this map, you can tell that your former companion feels like a victim of circumstances. Perhaps he takes offense at you for something.

Card number 5 – 4 Pentacles

4 of Pentacles
Colady illustration

The motto of this card is “Hold at any cost.” Your partner does not regret the breakup, but the event causes him strong feelings. The person depicted on this card is an owner, an egoist and a cynic. He is jealous of you, does not want to share with anyone, but does not want to compromise and put up with.

Expects you to initiate reconciliation yourself. But, in this case, he will pretend to be doing you a favor by listening. Do not expect him to embrace you.

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