The Bolshoi Theater will host the premiere of the opera “Ariodant”

Perhaps the main July premiere at the Bolshoi Theater will be Ariodant, an opera in three acts in Italian by the German composer Georg Friedrich Handel.

On July 22, the Bolshoi Theater will host the premiere of the opera

  • Conductor Gianluca Capuano.
  • Directed by David Alden.
  • Production and Costume Designer Ian McNeill.
  • Choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan.
  • Lighting Designer – Ian Jackson-French.

The premiere will take place on July 22, 2021. The opera will be performed in Italian with Russian subtitles.

The opera Ariodante, written in 1708 by the Italian libertist Antonio Sagli, is based on Ludoviko Ariosto’s poem Furious Roland. The scene is 9th century Scotland, near Edinburgh.

Opera plot

Prince Ariodante is in love with the Scottish princess Guinevere and is going to tie the knot with her. However, on the eve of the wedding, the princess is disgraced – there is a rumor that she spent the night with another man.

Beyond himself from such a betrayal, Ariodantus flees the castle and, according to rumors, dies, throwing himself into the sea. The disgraced princess can only hope that there will be a knight who can defend her honor.

In fact, Ariodantus did not die. Having learned by the will of fate about the intrigues of enemies and convinced of the loyalty of his beloved, the prince returns to the castle. There he fights in the square with the villain Polnesso, and, of course, everything ends well.

Tickets will be on sale soon. You can decide whether you should visit this picture by looking at the production of Ariodante by the Vienna State Opera

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