The meaning of the name Oksana – health, work and character of Oksana

Each female name is unique in its meaning. An important esoteric message is encoded in it. It has a direct impact on the life and fate of its bearer.

The name Oksana is very beautiful and old. What will a girl named like that become, and what should she watch out for? Let’s find out.

Origin and meaning

The name Oksana is a popular form of the name Ksenia. Linguistic scholars believe that both of these complaints have ancient Greek roots and are similar to the name of an ancient mythical creature, Polyxenia.

Oksana name

The most popular version is that this gripe means “hospitable” or “overseas” (“foreign”). You can hear it often these days. Parents call their newborn daughters “Oksana” or “Ksyusha” because both of these names have a pleasant sound. But perhaps they know that these complaints also have excellent significance, promising the future woman a lot of advantages.

Important! The Ksyusha girl has good compatibility with men of almost all zodiac signs.

It is interesting that the grievance in question, despite its good energy and popularity, is not included in the Orthodox nomenclature.

By the way, there are 5 Oksanas for every 1000 newborn girls in modern Russia. Popular diminutive forms of the name:

  • Oxy.
  • Ksyu.
  • Ksenya.
  • Oksanka.

Abroad, the grievance under consideration also has the forms – Oksinya and Aksenia.


The meaning of the name Oksana (Ksyusha) is mostly positive. A woman named so is distinguished by good nature and good imagination.

meaning of the name Oksana

From early childhood, she dreams of a happy life and consistently moves towards achieving all her goals. Likes to plan and achieve success. She never gives up if the first attempt fails to achieve the desired result. He always gives his best 100%. Well done!

She is naturally endowed with emotionality and femininity. It is difficult for her to remain calm if she is agitated by something. Ksyusha is honest and open with people, rarely restrains her emotions. Because of this, he often suffers, regrets what was said.

Advice! Oksana, people shouldn’t always be told what you think about them. Be more tolerant. Sometimes it is better to be silent than to regret your words for a long time.

In addition to excessive honesty, the bearer of this gripe has another drawback – irascibility. Sometimes it is difficult for her to restrain negative emotions, and she splashes them out in public. Can burst into tears for no reason, or laugh out loud. Such people are said to have a “live mind”.

He knows how to empathize and always takes the bitterness of the people around him deeply to his heart. Will not leave a loved one in trouble, always help with advice and cheer up.

Oksana in friendship

She is very tenacious and ambitious. He will not go over his head, but he certainly will not let go of his own. She has incredible sensuality, which, together with other advantages, makes Ksyusha an interesting personality.

What should she learn in the first half of her life? Controlling your emotions, of course. Without doing this, she, alas, will not achieve success.

In addition to a large number of advantages, Oksana distinguishes principles from others. From early childhood, she has inviolable principles and values, which she attaches importance to until the end of her life. She is a person with a wide soul and a big heart.

The bearer of the name in question will not claim leadership if there are responsible people around her who are not averse to leading others. But she will not blindly follow anyone either. He values ​​perseverance, sanity and honesty in people. She categorically does not tolerate liars and rude people.

Work and career

Oksana at work

Oksana takes the financial issue seriously. During the educational process, she uses every opportunity to make money. Having savings calms her down and gives her a sense of success. However, Ksyusha understands that saving money is not enough to achieve success; this requires implementation.

She strives to bring beauty and joy to the world, as she has a wide emotional range. That is why it can become an excellent beauty master, for example:

  • Makeup artist.
  • A master of manicure.
  • Hairdresser.
  • Beautician, etc.

Oksana can also work in a managerial position. She is kind and ambitious, so she will make a great manager (especially if her job involves helping people).

The bearer of this name does not like to take risks and act without a clear plan, which is why the type of employment based on improvisation is not suitable for her.

Marriage and family

Oksana’s relationship with the opposite sex is favorable, in most cases. She is very feminine and sensitive, so she is never left without male attention.

Her fans appreciate her ability to listen, empathize and help others. And she – allows them to take care of themselves. Male attention flatters Oksana and at the same time amuses her. But, usually she is early determined with the choice of a husband and gets married.

Oksana in love

Such a woman, getting acquainted with a man, tries to discern herself in him. It is important for her that he has the same set of advantages:

  • Kindness.
  • Honesty.
  • Ambitiousness.
  • Decency.
  • Openness.

Important! Oksana will never forgive a man who, in a controversial situation, does not take her side in public.

Agreeing to accept the marriage proposal, she will certainly discuss the financial issue with her future spouse. It is extremely important for the bearer of the name in question to share the financial burden with him. The role of a housewife is not for her.

But, after the birth of children, she tries to spend as much time as possible with her family. He takes raising kids extremely seriously. Usually gives birth to at least 2 children in a marriage. Family is the main priority in Oksana’s life.


If Oksana eats right and plays sports regularly, she does not have to worry about the appearance of chronic diseases in old age. Her immune system is functioning very well.

pp food

A few tips for Oksana:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water throughout the day.
  2. Eat berries, vegetables, or fruits daily.
  3. When you wake up, do a 5-minute charge to fully awaken your body.
  4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Have we described you Oksana correctly? Please leave a comment!

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