the most spectacular images of Monica Bellucci

Today, September 30, the Italian actress, one of the legends of modern cinema, Monica Bellucci, celebrates her birthday. During her long career, Monica managed not only to achieve serious success in cinema, but also to become a favorite of the couturier and a style icon. We remember the most spectacular exits of the star!

Monica Bellucci

Chanel Gold Dress

Attractive yet elegant: In 2017, Monica shone on the red carpet of the 70th Cannes Film Festival in a stunning gold dress from the fashion house of Chanel. The haute couture masterpiece beautifully framed the star’s figure, turning it into a precious figurine. Soft curls and graceful jewelry completed the look.

Monica Bellucci 2

Chic chiffon dress

Monica’s other appearance in Cannes in 2017 was no less impressive: at the opening ceremony of the film festival, the star appeared on stage in a chic dark blue dress made of airy chiffon. A real diva!

the dress

Lace black dress to the floor

At the closing ceremony of the film festival, Monica showed off a black floor-length dress from her favorite brand Dolce & Gabbana. Thanks to the unusual intricate pattern and lace bottom, the dress looked original and riveted all eyes.

dress 2

Black suit and translucent corset

Monica knows how to look feminine not only in dresses, but also in strict trouser suits. In 2019, at a party in Rome, the actress appeared in a black suit, complemented by a translucent corset that accentuated the lush breasts of the Italian woman. It turned out very sensual!

Black suit

Emerald velvet floor-length dress

Her Majesty: it is not for nothing that velvet has been considered the fabric of monarchs from time immemorial – due to its properties, it serves as the best material for creating the most luxurious garments. The emerald velvet floor-length dress from Ralph & Russo, in which Monica appeared at the premiere of the movie “007: Specter”, looked stunning and turned her into a real queen of the red carpet.

dress 3

Bodycon dress in a floor of scarlet lace and mantle

The image of Monica Bellucci at the Met Gala in 2014 became one of the most talked about in the press and blogs. The Italian chose a full-length dress made of scarlet lace and complemented it with the same cape and massive decoration. Many have compared this exit of Monica with the image of a seductive witch – the Mirror Queen, which the actress played in the movie “The Brothers Grimm”.

dress 4

Bright red satin dress

Red is definitely Monica’s color, because it is in it that she is most effective and sexy. Dior’s satin bright red floor-length dress, which the actress wore in Cannes in 2009, turned her into a true embodiment of passion and beauty. The look was complemented by diamond jewelry and a scarlet clutch.

dress 6

Black floor-length dress with lace trim

Dramatic black suits sultry Monica no less than red. Black dress on the floor with lace trim, accentuates the figure of the star and turns her into a real vamp woman.

dress 6

Light lilac flowing silk dress

Monica knows how to emphasize her sexuality without violating the rules of decency: a light lilac dress made of delicate, flowing silk perfectly coped with this task, demonstrating the feminine figure of the actress, but not showing anything superfluous.

dress 7

Purple lace-up dress with transparent gloves

Very controversial, but, undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular images of her Monica demonstrated in 2003 at the Cannes Film Festival. A daring purple dress with lacing, complemented by transparent gloves, looked very provocative and was definitely remembered by the public.

dress 8

Monica Bellucci is a woman, of course, with excellent natural qualities: a feminine figure, attractive facial features, luxurious hair. And the images that she chooses are intended only to emphasize her beauty, and not to overshadow. Competent presentation of good external data is the key to Monica’s brilliant images.

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