How to go to bed properly to rest

Want to know which direction is best to sleep in? Have you ever heard advice from old people not to lie with your head to the north? Is this another ancient superstition that has no scientific evidence?

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru explains the essence of this seemingly strange recommendation.

He talks about why Indians do not sleep with their heads towards the north, and also gives some tips that can help people get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed and rested.

Sadhguru: how to go to bed properly to wake up refreshed and refreshed
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How your body works

Your heart is not at the bottom of the body or even in the middle, it is located at the top or at the level of three-quarters of a person’s height, and, as you understand, pumping blood up against gravity is more difficult than pumping it down.

The blood vessels going up are thinner than those going down. In the human brain, they are generally as thick as a hair, so they cannot accept even one additional drop. If you add one more drop there, the vessel will burst.

Many people have cerebral hemorrhages. This is not always fatal and not always very dangerous, but it still incapacitates you and spoils your health.

Your IQ also declines after age 35, unless you make every effort to maintain it. By the way, you function normally because of your memory, not because of your intellect.

What happens if you lie with your head to the north, and in what direction is it best to sleep?

Sadhguru: how to go to bed properly to wake up refreshed and refreshed
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If you have any blood problems such as anemia, what does your doctor prescribe? Iron. It is an essential ingredient in blood. Have you heard about magnetic fields on the planet? The earth exists thanks to magnetism, and its magnetic forces are very powerful.

When your body is horizontal, your heart rate slows down. The body does these “adjustments” because if the blood is pumped at the same level as if it were in an upright position, then too much blood will flow to your head, which will damage the vessels.

Therefore, if you lie down with your head to the north and stay in this position for 5-6 hours, the magnetic attraction will cause pressure on your brain.

If you are old and your blood vessels are weak, the risk of bleeding increases. And if you are young and healthy, then you may wake up in an agitated state, because blood circulates in the brain more actively than it needs during sleep.

If you sleep with your head north for one day, nothing bad will happen to you. But if you sleep like this all the time, then you are clearly asking for health problems.

In what direction is it best to sleep?

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Ideally head east. It is quite normal – head to the north-east and to the west, tolerably – head to the south. And by no means head north.

Let’s just say if you are in the northern hemisphere, sleep with your head in any direction except the north. In the southern hemisphere – everything is the same, but not heading south.

From which side to get up?

Your heart is the motor that actually pumps life through your body, and if you get up from your left side in the morning, you could ruin your day.

Indians know from birth that after waking up, they need to roll onto their right side and then get out of bed. When your body is in a relaxed state, it has low metabolic activity.

There is a surge in activity as you climb, so you need to roll over to your right side and stand up, as with a lower metabolic rate, if you roll to the left, you put pressure on the heart system.

Energize your body and brain

Indians also know to rub your palms and put them to your eyes before getting up in the morning. It is believed that this ritual is meant to see God.

Of course, you will not see it – just a lot of nerve endings are concentrated in your palms, and if you rub them, they are activated, and your entire system immediately wakes up and turns on.

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If you still feel sluggish and sleepy after waking up, just rub your palms and you will see how immediately invigorated. A whole series of nerves instantly wake up – and now your body and brain are already active!

And smile! Get up in the morning and smile. To whom? Yes, nobody. Because the very fact that you are awake is already great. Many people who fell asleep last night did not wake up today, but you and I woke up. Isn’t it luck? That is why smile!

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