The most useful books for parents-to-be

Books for future parentsAre you pregnant and will have a baby in your family very soon? Then the time has come for you and your spouse to read books for future parents.

Best books for parents-to-be

Since there are a lot of them on the shelves of bookstores, we decided for you to choose the 10 best books that parents-to-be should read.

Jean Ledloff “How to Raise a Happy Child. The principle of continuity “

Book for Parents-to-be - Jean Ledloff “How to Raise a Happy Child.  The principle of continuity This book was published back in 1975, but to this day it has not lost its relevance. The ideas promoted by the author do not seem so radical for modern society. Best to read this book before giving birthbecause it will drastically change the way you think about the essentials for a baby. Here you can find out what contributes most development creative, happy and friendly person, and what a civilized society can bring up in a child.

Martha and William Sears “Waiting for the Baby”

Book for Parents-to-be - Martha and William Sears This is one of the best books for women expecting their first child. It is very good and accessible all months of pregnancy are described, there are answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as useful tips about how to do it right prepare for childbirth… The authors of this book are a nurse and a conventional physician who recommend natural child care.

Martha and William Sears “Your Baby From Birth to Two”

Book for Parents-to-be - Martha and William Sears This book is a continuation of the previous one. The young mother and child were taken from the hospital. And parents immediately have a lot of questions: “How to feed? How to put to bed? How to raise your child? How to understand what a child wants if he is crying?»All these questions, as well as a lot of other useful information, you will find the answer in this book. The authors of the book are the parents of eight children, so they can teach a lot to modern parents. In the book you will find many practical tips for solving the problems that young parents have.

Grantley Dick-Reed “Childbirth without Fear”

Grantley Dick-Reed Many pregnant women are afraid of natural childbirth. The author of the book claims that this process can be completely painless. The most important thing – correct physical and moral preparation of a pregnant woman for natural childbirth… In the book you will find the most effective relaxation techniques, learn how to enlist the support of your husband. And all modern horror stories about childbirth will be dispelled.

Ingrid Bauer “Life without diapers”

Book for Parents-to-be - Ingrid Bauer The author of the book promotes natural methods of child care… This is one of the most important Planting books. The author describes this process from a philosophical point of view, rejecting any hints of training. The book describes the idea complete rejection of diapers… And this can be achieved by establishing a harmonious relationship with your baby. This way you will learn to feel his desires even from a distance.

Zhanna Tsaregradskaya “Child from conception to one year”

Zhanna Tsaregradskaya This is the first textbook on perinatal education published in Russia. The author of the book is the founder of the Rozhana Center and the mother of seven children. This book is a great helper for young mothers. After all, it describes the life of an infant on a monthly basis, his behavior during breastfeeding, frequency of feedings, circadian rhythm of sleep, introduction of complementary foods, development of the relationship between mother and child… Also in this book you will find very interesting chapters on the psychology of newborns and natural childbirth.

Evgeny Komarovsky “Child’s health and common sense of his relatives”

Evgeny Komarovsky The well-known pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky has published more than one book on childcare, but this one is the most applied one. It describes in detail and in accessible language author’s opinion on a variety of issues… In his book, the author urges parents to carefully weigh any decision regarding their child, and don’t go to extremes… Parents do not always agree with the opinion of this doctor, but we still recommend reading the book.

Janusz Korczak “How to love a child”

Janusz Korczak This book can be called a kind of bible for parents. Here you will not find answers to specific questions, advice on how to act in a given situation. The author is an excellent child psychologist, and in his book reveals the motives of the actions of children and their deep experiences… Only when parents try to understand everything the subtleties of the formation of a child’s personality, they learn to love their child for real.

Julia Gippenrreiter “Communicate with a child. How?”

Julia Gippenrreiter “Communicate with a child.  How?This book will help you not only learn to hear your child, but also establish communication with friends and acquaintances… She will change the way you think about the relationship between children and parents. Thanks to her, you can find and fix many common mistakes… This book is designed to work on yourself, because children are a reflection of their parents.

Alexander Kotok “Vaccinations in Questions and Answers for Thinking Parents”

Alexander Kotok In this book, you will find an accessible information on childhood infectious diseases and vaccinations against them. The author reveals everything negative and positive aspects of mass vaccination… After reading the book and weighing the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether or not your child should be vaccinated, and which ones.

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