The name Anastasia – what does it mean and how it affects the fate of Nastya

Every female name has energy. Giving our child this or that gripe, we open up certain vectors of the influence of the Universe on his whole life.

Today we will tell you about the name Anastasia and its influence on fate.

Name Anastasia

Meaning and origin

From the ancient Greek language “Anastasia“Translates as”resurrected“. This is a girl full of energy who came into the world to inspire people, give them strength, motivation and energy.

This is an Orthodox criticism. For newborn girls, it is assigned during the passage of the baptismal ceremony. In our area, it appeared after the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir the Great. It is believed that it carries the energy of ancient gods.

By the way! The name of Nastya or Nastenka is often called the heroines of Russian folk tales. They are endowed only with positive character traits, for example, kindness, sensitivity, tenderness and decency.

The female name Anastasia has not only a positive meaning, but also a pleasant sound. It has many diminutive forms, for example, Nastena, Nastusya, Nastenka etc. In Russia, this name is given to every 3-4 girls. This indicates its popularity in the region.

The woman named Nastya is pleasant in every way. She is incredibly kind, although others do not always appreciate it. She also seeks to perform good deeds. This is not surprising, because the divine energy is “sealed” in it.

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Numerology named after Anastasia

Numerologist COLADY Lyudmila Bakalina presented the female name Nastya in numerical terms. We introduce you to the words of our expert.

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Dear Anastasias!

Your life number is 2. Twos are characterized by strongly expressed emotionality. You are often in a state of anxiety, stress is your frequent companion. Have a hard time controlling your feelings. You often go to extremes.

In order to be happy, you must find such a life partner who would share with you not only joys, but also sorrows. It is extremely important for you to be heard and understood.

Anastasia’s character

Each Anastasia is characterized by a striving for justice. She is an honest and respectable woman. Not prone to betrayal or deception. Virtuous and kind. She is not indifferent to the experiences of loved ones. Strives to help everyone who needs it. Anastasia is completely alien to such character traits as self-interest, pride or hypocrisy. She is an honest and fair person.

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Despite the fact that Anastasia gives the impression of a sympathetic and benevolent person, she has a strong willpower inside her. Such a lady is prone to daydreaming, but will never lose her head. He always keeps himself in control, does not show others his weaknesses. However, being left alone with himself, he can give vent to tears. Often suffers from the fact that he cannot contain strong emotions.

Marriage and children

Anastasia often gets married early. She is an honest and loving wife who strives to become not only a partner, but also a friend to her husband. In men, she values ​​the dignity that she herself possesses:

  • Strength of the spirit.
  • Perseverance.
  • Good intentions.
  • Ambition.
  • Decency.
  • Ability to cope with difficulties.

Nastya is an example of a wonderful mother. Knows how to find an approach to children of different ages. And they never doubt that the mother will understand them and give valuable advice. Anastasia adores her offspring. For their sake, she is ready for anything. He gets along well with his mother-in-law, rarely unleashes conflicts with her.

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Appreciates the intimate side of marriage. Since she is not devoid of imagination, she is creative in fulfilling her marital duty. She prefers to be varied, often prefers role-playing games.

Anastasia’s health

From an early age, Nastenka often suffers from colds. Her body is susceptible to attack by disease-causing bacteria, viruses and infections. Until he got stronger, the girl suffers from angina, ARVI, laryngitis, etc.

Important! Numerologists say that Anastasia, born in May, often suffer from lack of weight. In this case, they must be shown to a doctor who will adjust the diet.

Baby Nastya has one more drawback – an unstable psyche. Until about 15 years of age, she is faced with frequent mood swings, too impulsive actions, the unleashing of conflicts with others, etc. But, by the end of school, her mental background stabilizes. She becomes healthier and more balanced.

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Nastya’s adults may suffer from gynecological pathologies. There is a high likelihood of miscarriage. They may also have difficulty in childbirth. But, these are very strong people who can handle anything!

How has your name influenced your destiny? Share with us in the comments.

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