The worst couples for every zodiac sign

Most people, at least once in their lives, have experienced unsuccessful and frankly toxic relationships, which were enough for them to draw appropriate conclusions for themselves. But what exactly might not work in a relationship? Why can someone be a nightmare and horror for one person, but the perfect partner for another?

There are many factors, but one of the main reasons is the clash of personalities. Sometimes two people simply cannot get along with each other under any circumstances, and the zodiac sign plays an important role in this. What opponent signs should you avoid?

Aries: stay away from Taurus


These two signs can be great friends, but only without love and romance. Aries cannot stand when he is pushed into the background, and Taurus becomes enraged when he is contradicted and challenged by his opinion. When these two try to be a couple, they form a particularly toxic alliance with a host of conflicts. And after parting, they will bite and troll each other for a long time.

Taurus: stay away from Gemini


Taurus and Gemini are not the same in almost every way, especially in terms of patience. Taurus can endure and wait in almost any situation, but Gemini needs constant changes and new experiences. These two signs are just wasting time trying to build at least some kind of relationship.

Gemini: stay away from Capricorn


This is a very strange couple! When the fun-loving and unessential Gemini gets into a relationship with a reliable, responsible Capricorn, the result can only be disaster. Gemini adore spontaneity, lightness and frivolity, and Capricorn does not tolerate it and even despises it. One person’s desires make another absolutely unhappy.

Cancer: stay away from Aquarius


Revolutionaries and couch potatoes usually do not get along – and this applies to Cancer and Aquarius, who will instantly make each other unhappy. Cancer loves calmness and routine, and Aquarius wants to turn the whole world around. Cancer wants to stay at home and watch movies, while Aquarius wants to go to a rally, protest or demonstration. Any relationship between them will inevitably end in a stream of accusations that one side is too limited and down-to-earth, and the other is too free and uncontrollable.

Leo: stay away from Scorpio

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Is there a worse pair for Leo than a Scorpio? Scorpio loves to think about life issues, and Leo needs a partner who will focus on only one thing. Leo believes that he deserves maximum attention and recognition, and Scorpio is very stingy with compliments. Leo will flirt with everyone, and this will drive the jealous Scorpio crazy.

Virgo: stay away from Pisces


The incompatibility of this pair boils down to one main conflict: Virgo demands that Pisces stop hovering in the clouds, and Pisces dreams that Virgo will join them in flying in these clouds. In general, they can be friends, but in love, both of them will ultimately just be disappointed. What dreamer wants to leave his fantasy world to talk about everyday life, reality and utility bills?

Libra: stay away from Virgo


This is one of those situations where partners bring out the worst in each other. A boring Virgo can endure the brain of Libra, and sociable and light Libra will make Virgo not trust them. Both will be constantly nervous, which can lead to toxic behavior and attempts at manipulation and even blackmail.

Scorpio: stay away from Leo


Leo’s arrogance will lead to almost constant clashes between them and kill all of Scorpio’s feelings. Given the explosive nature of both signs, this couple probably does not even hesitate to sort things out in public and will constantly quarrel, even with the involvement of friends and relatives.

Sagittarius: stay away from Pisces


Pisces know how to bear grievances for a long time, although they do not talk about them, but Sagittarius is an extremely forgiving sign. Sagittarius will not understand why Pisces have been pouting for two days in a row and do not want to talk to him, and Pisces will think that Sagittarius does not value their feelings. This is the worst kind of passive-aggressive relationship.

Capricorn: stay away from Libra


Capricorn and Libra will be excellent sexual partners, but true love chemistry between them is unlikely to arise. Most likely, these two will begin to be friends, realizing that they will never have a spark. Libra is bored with Capricorn, and Capricorn does not understand Libra’s eternal fun and mischief.

Aquarius: stay away from Taurus


Aquarius and Taurus are an amazing example of radically opposite people. Taurus wants Aquarius to sit at home with him and equip his life and comfort, and Aquarius will be enraged that he is being driven into a cage. Aquarius simply lives its independent life, driving Taurus crazy and breaking his heart.

Pisces: stay away from Aries


Pisces hates being told what to do, and Aries loves being a leader. This can lead to a very explosive relationship, as they will try to take control of each other over even the smallest things. They will even argue over the choice of a restaurant for Saturday dinner together. In addition, Aries’ tendency not to restrain himself in statements does not combine with the rancor of Pisces, who always harbor resentment.

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