Toys that keep children under 3 years old for a long time

Toys that keep children under 3 years old for a long timeBeing a mom is not only a pleasure, but, as you know, hard work. And periodic rest for mom is simply necessary to restore her strength. Rest for every mother looks differently: one wants to lie in a fragrant bath, another wants to wrap up in a blanket and watch an interesting film, a favorite female TV series, the third one wants to read a book, forgetting at least an hour about the hustle and bustle, etc. Not everyone has the opportunity to send a child to their parents for a short time, and a logical question arises – what to do with your child in order to take a break from the hassle?

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How to keep a 3-year-old child busy for a long time? Mom’s tricks

  • Games for children under 3 years oldCartoons. These are some of the best mom’s helpers. The main thing is to remember that watching TV at this age is not recommended for more than thirty minutes a day. And the cartoons themselves must be chosen according to the age of the child. The ideal option is a kind, informative cartoon that can teach your baby something new and awaken the most positive feelings. List of the best cartoons for children.
  • Constructors, puzzles, cubes. The choice of such toys in modern stores is very wide. When choosing a constructor for a baby, you should remember that there should be no small parts in the kit, in order to avoid getting them into the respiratory tract.
  • Games and activities for children under 3 years old Paints, a set of markers or colored pencils. Creative tools are the best companions for a child at any age. Of course, paints must be of high quality and harmless. Many people today take finger paints (although cleaning after drawing with them will take a lot of time, but it is worth thirty minutes of mother’s rest). You should not spare money on large sheets of Whatman paper, because this activity will not only captivate the baby, but also contribute to his development. A great option is to set aside an entire wall for painting. This can save the wallpaper in the rest of the rooms and provide the young artist with an area for “large-scale masterpieces”.
  • Plasticine. Keeping a child busy with modeling is a little more difficult than drawing. If the child can scribble on his own, then it is very difficult to sculpt without mother’s help. The exception is the presence of such skills. Do you have any skills? Then you can safely buy multi-colored plasticine, make yourself a fragrant coffee and sit in an armchair with a book.
  • Developing bookBy the way, about the books. There are still few people who can read at this age. But looking at pictures, drawing in the fields and just flipping is a pleasure for any kid. There are several options. The first is to provide the child with a stack of bright magazines “to be torn apart”. The second is to buy a special book for this age. For example, a soft book with thick pages that squeak when pressed. Or a book with a special page cover, in which you can color in illustrations. See a list of your favorite children’s books.
  • If the baby is already three years old (or almost, almost), and he does not drag everything into his mouth, then you can offer him the option cooking games… Of course, you will definitely have to look after the child, but this can be done from the chair. All you need is a set of bright children’s dishes, consisting of many items, a toy stove and cereals. For the sake of the game, you can donate a small amount of pasta, peas, buckwheat, rice, etc. Children adore bulk products – “touching” an object is much more interesting for them than just seeing it.
  • Toys that keep children under 3 years old for a long time.  Mom is resting - the child is playingAnother option is combine plasticine and cereals… Many mothers are familiar with such childish entertainment. A plate (inside) or a bank (outside) is coated with plasticine. After that, the cereals are inserted into the plasticine with a certain pattern (pattern). Usually in this way you can “snatch” up to an hour of free time for yourself. But … again, you will have to look after.

Half an hour of rest for mom, or games and tasks for the baby

What games to offer to a baby under 3 years oldWhen from morning until late at night the mother is busy with the child and the household, then there is no question of remorse for twenty minutes of rest. It is clear that a child requires constant attention, but a tired mother is a poor helper in games. Therefore, you do not need to reproach yourself for wanting to take a break. Moreover, the child must get used to independence.

Give your child freedom in the sense of his fantasy. Do not pester him with advice when he selflessly sculpts a figure from plasticine and creates another masterpiece with paints. He also has a vision.

If the baby is hanging around on your heels, and you really want to at least guess that Japanese crossword puzzle, then come up with some task for him or your “secret” game.

Interesting tasks, games for the kid

  • Combine the game with benefit. Invite your child to bring a (toy box), for example, a red train from his room. Then a blue cube. And so on: three rubber toys, four balls, two toys with the letter “P”, etc. Thus, you have time to do your own thing while the baby is in search, and the child himself trains his memory, memorizes letters, numbers, colors.
  • Toys that are interesting for children under 3 years oldGame tasks. Kids love such tasks very much. Invite your child to build a garage for his cars or a menagerie for rubber dinosaurs, feed all the dolls, put all the teddy bears to bed, etc. It would be nice if you shared with your child a new item for such games – a piece of cloth for blankets, a real nut a key to “fix” a train, or a pair of cute boxes to create doll wardrobes.
  • Magic bag (box, casket). Every mother should have such a “miracle”, unless she is a robot that never gets tired. In such a bag you can put what is traditionally considered garbage for adults (for children, these are real treasures): ribbons, button beads, large interesting buttons, thimbles, bubbles, boxes, corks from plastic bottles, cones, toys from kinder surprises, etc. The main thing is to exclude objects that are very small, cutting, beating. Having received such a “klondike”, the child will definitely leave his mother alone for twenty or thirty minutes. This treasure should be periodically updated with new items. You should not abuse it – it is better to leave this “magic” as a last resort, when all the means have been tried.
  • Do not throw away old postcards, pictures from grocery packages and advertising brochures. Figures of animals, food and cars cut out of them can also take the kid for twenty minutes of your free time.
  • How to interest a three-year-old childCleaning the apartment involve a child in cleaning… So he will not interfere with you and, at the same time, will gradually get used to order. You can ask the baby to wipe the dust, lay out beautifully souvenirs on the shelf, sweep the floor with a broom, etc. During cooking, a particularly active child can be occupied with errands – serve a couple of onions, stir the eggs for dough, bring three carrots. You can pour a glass of buckwheat on the table and invite the baby to sort it out.
  • Periodically audit children’s toys… Those toys that the baby rarely plays with, hide in a bag and put away in a closet. When he forgets about them, you can suddenly get this bag, which will take the baby about twenty to thirty minutes.
  • The game of “detectives”… Give the little one a hat, a shoulder bag, and a magnifying glass. Hide a surprise in the apartment (a chocolate egg, a small toy, etc.). Give an assignment. For example, “surprise” lies where the smell of flowers is delicious. Or – between wrenches and screwdrivers. Etc.
  • Games for toddler 3 years oldCut the postcard (poster) into even squares. Peculiar puzzles will take the child about twenty minutes. Another option with postcards: cut several old postcards into two (four) pieces and mix together. The kid must, accordingly, collect each postcard.

Whatever you do your child, in order to win yourself at least ten minutes of peace, remember the safety of the baby… A child’s injury is too high a cost for your vacation.
For the rest, just turn on your imagination. Keeping your baby busy is not at all difficult. The main thing is that it the lesson benefited not only to you, but also to him.

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