What bags are in fashion in winter and spring 2019

The most fashionable bags of autumn-winter 2018-2019A woman’s handbag is not only a practical accessory, but also a way to add zest to an image, because stylish accessories can “save” even an unsuccessful and boring look, and are the first to attract the attention of others.

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General fashion trends of women’s bags for winter 2019

Trends in bags for the winter season are more likely a “consolidation of the past”, or rather – the transition of most of the trends from 2018 and previous years.

Fashionable solutions are aimed at giving the image a femininity, and keeping the practical trends of the summer season.

The main concept regarding fashionable bags for winter-spring 2019 is characterized by the following features:

  • Feminine bag size. In a trend – bags of small and medium sizes, which do not weigh down the image and do not “overshadow” the size of their owner.
  • Sharp lines. The fashion is dominated by bags that keep a clear shape – this not only looks more elegant than bag-bags, but also does not visually add extra weight.
  • Monoprint instead of appliqués and accessories. The decor elements remain generally restrained; also the number of models with patches, appliqués and an abundance of rivets and straps on the catwalks has rapidly declined.
  • Sets of bags… The trend of wearing sets of two or three bags has continued. It is important to ensure that they are combined in any way: shape or color.
  • Total bow. Matching bags are still in vogue, although they are less common than other models.
  • Unusual way to wear… Modern fashion is aimed at individualism and convenience, therefore, unusual carrying of bags or convertible bags that can be worn as a backpack or belt bag / crossbody will be popular in the winter season.

12 topical bag trends for women for winter and spring 2019 from leading fashion houses

Let’s take a closer look at what models will be at the peak of popularity in the coming cold season.

1. Ultra-mini

Bag-cases that are worn around the neck, or just ultra-small models were presented in abundance at the fashion show.

Fashionable mini-bags Loewe, Prada, Givenchy

Similar models were presented by Loewe, Prada, Givenchy.

2. Round bags

The trend from 2018 has undergone a change – and firmly entrenched in the 2019 season.

Round bags made of leather of various shades (mainly black or pastel shades), with a clear shape, can be decorated with either a modest finish or with a lot of decor.

Fashionable round bags 2018-2019

A special chic is a small absolutely round handbag (in the form of a sphere).

Such models were presented by Gucci, Marine Serre. Round bags are also in the collection of Chanel, Louis Vuitton.

3. Boxing bags

Small handbags that resemble boxes or suitcases.

Fashionable box bags 2018-2019

These handbags were also presented at shows at Gucci, Calvin Klein, Negris Lebrum, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermano Scervino.

4. Fur bags

In the cold season, the trend for soft small and medium-sized fur handbags is extremely relevant.

Most of these models have a clear shape and are made of short-haired animal fur. The color scheme is different, but the decor is kept to a minimum.

Fur bags 2018-2019

In a trend – bags from fur of a semicircular shape, tots and bag-box.

Tory Burch, Christian Siriano, Fendi, Tom Ford, Philip Plein presented fur baguettes and totes, while Tom Ford and Ashley Williams opted for an unusual shape, presenting a semicircular bag and a banana bag made of fur.

5. Snake print

Paying attention to the classic models of a rigid form, one cannot fail to note the abundance of handbags made of reptile skin or materials stylized under it.

Snake print of bags 2018-2019

Such bags were found mainly of medium size, while they were monochromatic, but in bright colors: red, blue, yellow.

Bags from Salvatore Ferragamo, Badgley Mischka, Oscar de La Renta, Bibhu Mohapatra, Dennis Basso, Rochas will delight lovers of snake print in the coming autumn and winter.

6. Logo

The fashion for using the logo of a designer house instead of jewelry is still in trend.

Usually large models of bags are decorated with logos: shoppers, totes and other maxisize models.

Bags with logos 2018-2019

Logos can be present both in the form of a print and often in the form of large bright inscriptions on various surfaces of the bag.

Almost all design houses presented models decorated with their own logo – Dior, Burberry, Fendi, Prada, Tods, Chanel, Balenciaga, Trussardi, Moschino considered this finish to be the best.

7. Unusual shape

Custom handbags are always featured at fashion shows as an addition to extravagant evening wear.

Bags of an unusual shape 2018-2019

In the fall-winter season, there was a can bag from Louis Vuitton, a bag in the form of an Aladdin lamp from Dolce & Gabbana, and a log bag from Chanel.

8. Belt bags

Bags for carrying on a belt are relevant, and not only in the form of a banana bag, but also simply miniature molded bags.

Belt bags fall-winter 2018-2019

The place of their wearing has changed, shifting from the waist to the chest or neck. Belt bags can come in a set of two, attached to the belt, or complemented by a bag-case around the neck (like Gucci).

Zimmermann presented an interesting model of a belt bag in the form of a small cylinder. The models on the belt are made in different colors, but still black, shades of brown and indigo prevailed.

9. Animal print

This year bags with the image of animals will become fashionable.

Animal print bags 2018-2019

At the same time, there is a small print “in a horse” in Chloe, and large images of a monkey or a dinosaur against a background of mountains at Prada, or charming images of a puppy and a kitten, which have become the “calling card” of Balebciaga handbags.

10. Western or boho style bag

If we talk about soft, shapeless models of handbags, with deliberately careless decor made of fringe or straps – they will be as relevant in 2019 as one of the trends of 2018 that have moved into the new season.

Western or boho style bag 2018-2019

Most of the models are made of soft plain leather or brown suede. But it should be remembered that for a successful image, such a bag must be complemented stylistically by clothing as a whole.

Themed looks and handbags can be found in the collection of Giorgio Armani, Isabel Marant, Christian Dior, Etro, Marni.

11. Clutches

For several years they have remained popular, but in winter and spring 2019, the most fashionable will be quilted models in dark colors (usually black or blue), or decorated with a large bow in front (there are models of wine shades, or in the style of total bow).

Clutches for fall-winter 2018-2019

Alice McCall and Ulla Johnson advise using a fabric bow like a fancy handle. Quilted clutches were presented by Givenchy and Christian Dior.

12. Backpacks

Rather, this fashion trend came from street fashion, but the abundance and variety of backpacks on the catwalks suggests that they remain relevant not only in summer.

Backpacks 2018-2019

Designers have played with this trend in their own way, suggesting to experiment with the shape: wearing a backpack in front.

A bag with two handles instead of a backpack was offered by Gucci, an interesting bag-bag model was presented by Marni, and Jeremy Scott presented an absolutely fur backpack in bright colors.

Trendy bag colors 2019 for stylish looks

Speaking about the most relevant colors, it should be noted that most of the models are made in one color.

Among the most common shades, everything is also quite conservative – these are:

  • Black and white.
  • All shades of brown.
  • Shades of dark blue.
  • Dark green, bottle glass color.
  • Red and its shades.

Not too many models are presented in yellow, purple, gray, mint and powdery tones – for colder days, designers preferred more standard colors, probably considering the above tones more suitable for summer.

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