What does acne on the face mean – a map of acne on the face and their meaning

What do acne on the face say?In the modern world, the problem of acne is one of the most numerous female problems. But few people know that acne can appear not only under the influence of poor ecology or inappropriate care. Very often, acne on the face is directly related to diseases of the internal organs.

So what are acne on the face talking about and how can these problems be solved?


What are acne on the hairline talking about?If pimples “jump up” exactly along the hairline, then we can safely say that there are problems with the gallbladder.

Usually, in such cases, the consumption of fried / salty food is reduced, as well as the stressful tension inherent in all residents of megacities is eliminated.

Center of forehead

Pimples appearing What are the acne in the center of the forehead talking about?, they practically shout that your intestines are working in a disturbed mode, and that you urgently need to cleanse and at least try to restructure your diet.

You should also know that pimples on the upper part of the forehead are problems with the large intestine, and on the lower part with the small intestine.

The area above the eyebrows

What do pimples over the eyebrows say?If you notice that acne is localized in the area above the eyebrows, then this indicates a malfunction of the intestines or heart.

You should consult a doctor for examination.


What do pimples on the forehead say?If acne has “spread” over the entire surface of the forehead, then this indicates that too many toxins have accumulated in the body.

If you are under constant stress, then this can also be the cause of a large number of acne.


What do acne on the temples say?The appearance of acne on the temples indicates that you have problems with the spleen or gallbladder.

It is necessary, again, to see a doctor to avoid possible complications.

Pimples on the nose

What do acne on the nose say?Pimples on the nose indicate three reasons – diseases of the bronchi, malfunctions of the cardiovascular system and problems with the pancreas.

Nasal bridge

If acne begins to appear between the eyebrows, then this may signal liver problems.

What do acne on the bridge of the nose say?This organ is responsible for purifying the blood, so if small pimples began to appear on the bridge of the nose, then this is a sure sign that a blood test should be taken in order to check the condition of the liver.

Eye area

What do pimples around the eyes say?If pimples begin to appear above or under the eyes, and the reason is not that you are consuming too much sweets, you should urgently reconsider your diet.

These signs indicate a kidney or adrenal problem.

Upper cheeks

What do pimples on the cheekbones say?Pimples appear under the cheekbones if you have stomach problems.

To quickly eliminate acne from this part of your face, you should start eating and caring for your skin properly.

Lower cheeks

What do acne on the cheeks say?Pimples on this part of the face can be caused by difficult lung function.

If nothing bothers you, then you should still consult a doctor in order to exclude the possibility of any hidden infectious diseases.


What do pimples on the chin say?If acne appears on the chin, then this indicates a hormonal imbalance in the girl’s body and an increased level of male hormones. This is a sure sign that it’s time for you to see an endocrinologist.

Also, pimples in this part of the face can indicate problems with the pelvic organs. In any case, you need to see a doctor and check the epididymis and ovaries.

The area around the lips

What do pimples around the lips say?The appearance of acne around the lips most often indicates problems in the digestive system. If the rash is profuse, then the cause most often lies in the large intestine. To solve this problem, the network costs for some time on a balanced diet and normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cope with acne on your face? Now choose the right care and cosmetics to get rid of red spots after acne.

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