what happens to the baby and mother at the sixteenth week

Pregnancy 16 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensations

Child’s age – 14th week (thirteen full), pregnancy – 16th obstetric week (fifteen full).

The sixteenth obstetric week is the 14th week of fetal development. The countdown of the second trimester of pregnancy begins!

This period is rich in sensations. The cheeks and lips of a pregnant woman turn pink due to an increase in the volume of circulating blood. The fetus continues to grow actively, and the mother continues to get better.

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Feelings of a pregnant woman in the 16th week

  • Women who have already had children begin feel the first movements of the fetus… Those expecting the first-born will experience these feelings later – at 18 weeks, or even at 20. The fetus is still small, so its turns and points are not perceived by a woman. The first movements are similar to the sensations of gas movement along the digestive tract;
  • The general well-being of a woman is significantly improved;
  • Increasingly, the expectant mother experiences joyful excitement;
  • As the growth of the baby grows, so does the mother’s appetite;
  • The usual clothes become tight and you have to switch to more spacious ones, although clothes from the store for expectant mothers are not yet suitable;
  • Many expectant mothers are possible at this time changes in skin pigmentationthat usually disappear after the birth of the baby – the nipples and the skin around them darken, as well as the midline of the abdomen, freckles and moles;
  • The belly of a pregnant woman begins to noticeably round up, and the waist is gradually smoothed out;
  • Fatigue appears in the legs… The center of gravity of the body shifts, weight is gained – the load on the legs increases significantly. It is at 16 weeks that a woman has a characteristic “duck” gait.

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And I have been wearing clothes for pregnant women for a long time! The tummy is getting round right before our eyes! And the breast size has increased by one and a half. My husband is delighted!))) The mood is great, the energy is in full swing!


HM. I, too, have been wearing maternity clothes for a long time. It is already unrealistic to hide the belly – everyone congratulates in droves.)) Joy – over the edge, in fact, as well as indifference to work.))


I gained six kg. 🙁 Apparently, my nightly inclinations to the refrigerator are having an effect. The husband said – hang the lock on him. 🙂 I already use all kinds of creams to prevent stretch marks. Everything has grown, a yak by leaps and bounds – priest, chest, tummy. 🙂


We have 16 weeks! 🙂 I gained only 2 and a half kg. It strains that you no longer wear your favorite tight pants. I eat everything – from sandwiches to meat, since the belly wants it – then you can’t deny yourself this. 🙂


I don’t want to sleep anymore, girls! Cheer up! The mood is super! The pressure is low, of course, you will have to “crackle” intravenous glucose. There are problems with underwear – elastic bands get in the way, everything is uncomfortable, only the husband’s “parachutes” fit normally. 🙂 I wear them! 🙂

What happens in the mother’s body?

  • The uterus expands and the amount of amniotic fluid is already in a volume of about 250 ml;
  • The active work of the mammary glands begins, the breast becomes sensitive, swells. Due to increased blood flow a venous pattern appears, and Montgomery tubercles appear;
  • By the period of 16 weeks, the expectant mother is gaining about 5-7 kg weight;
  • Appearance changes – possible the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, buttocks, chest and thighs;
  • The uterus at 16 weeks is centered between the navel and the pubic bone, causing stretching and thickening of the ligaments as it grows. This can cause pain in the abdomen, back, groin and hips;
  • It is also typical for this period numbness and tingling of the hands – Carpal tunnel syndrome, itching in the abdomen, feet and palms;
  • Swelling of the fingers, face, and ankles – is no exception for this period. But you should be careful about too fast weight gain – it can be a symptom of preeclampsia;
  • Urination is normalized, which cannot be said about the work of the intestines – its work is complicated by the lethargy of the muscular wall. Constipation creates a threat of miscarriage – you should pay more attention to the issue of nutrition and regular bowel movements;
  • Sometimes women in the 16th week may experience pyelonephritis, provoked by the hormonal influence of progesterone and causing the threat of premature birth.

Fetal development at 16 weeks

  • For a period of 16 weeks the baby is already holding the head straight, his facial muscles are formed, and he involuntarily winks, frowns and opens his mouth;
  • Calcium is already sufficient for bone formation, joints of the legs and arms formed, and the process of bone hardening began;
  • The body and face are covered with fluff (lanugo);
  • The child’s skin is still very thin, and blood vessels are visible through it;
  • It is already possible to determine the sex of the unborn child;
  • The kid moves a lot and sucks his thumb, although a woman may not yet feel it;
  • The fetal chest makes breathing movements, and his heart beats twice as fast as his mother’s;
  • Fingers are already acquiring their unique skin pattern;
  • Marigold formed – long and sharp;
  • The bladder is emptied every 40 minutes;
  • The baby’s weight reaches from 75 to 115 g;
  • Height – about 11-16 cm (about 8-12 cm from head to pelvic end);
  • The child’s movements become more coordinated. The baby can already make swallowing movements, suck, turn your head, stretch, spit, yawn, and even fart… As well as clench your fingers into fists and play with legs and arms;
  • The umbilical cord is strong and elastic, capable of withstanding a load of up to 5-6 kg. Its length by the 16th week of pregnancy is already 40-50 cm, and its diameter is about 2 cm;
  • Neurons (nerve cells) are actively gaining growth. Their number increases by 5000 units every second;
  • The adrenal cortex makes up 80 percent of the total mass. They are already producing the right amount of hormones;
  • The work of the pituitary gland begins, the control of the nervous system by the baby’s body becomes more noticeable;
  • In girls, for a period of 16 weeks, the ovaries descend into the pelvic area, the fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina are formed. In boys, the external genitals are formed, but the testicles are still in the abdominal cavity;
  • The baby is still breathing through the placenta;
  • Digestive function added to existing liver functions;
  • In the blood of the fetus, erythrocytes, monocytes and lymphocytes are present. Hemoglobin begins to be synthesized;
  • The kid already reacts to the voices of loved ones, hears music and sounds;
  • The auricles and eyes are located in their place, the eyelids are separated, it is drawn nose shape and already eyebrows and eyelashes appear;
  • The subcutaneous tissue is not yet fully developed, the baby’s body is covered with white lubricant, which protects him until the very birth;
  • The heart works at a frequency of 150-160 beats per minute.

Fetal sizes at 16 weeks:

Head size (fronto-occipital) is about 32 mm
Abdomen diameter – about 31.6 mm
Chest diameter – about 31.9 mm
Placenta thickness reaches by this time 18, 55 mm

Ultrasound at the 16th week, photo of the fetus, photo of the mother’s abdomen, video

Ultrasound at the 16th week of pregnancy
Ultrasound at the 16th week
Woman's belly at 16 weeks gestation
Woman’s belly at 16 weeks

Video about baby development in the 16th week of pregnancy

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • For a period of 16 weeks, the expectant mother is already give up heels and go for loose clothesas well as special underwear. You will have to give up thongs, stilettos and tight jeans for the sake of the baby’s health, and yours too;
  • For lovers of Japanese cuisine you should forget about raw fish dishes (sushi). Various pathogens of parasitic diseases can comfortably live in them. Also, do not eat unboiled milk, raw eggs and poorly fried meat;
  • Regime of the day and food is required… Also in order to establish normal bowel function and avoid constipation;
  • It is recommended to sleep on the side during this period.… When supine, the uterus presses on large vessels, disrupting the flow of blood to the baby. Lying on your stomach is also not worth it because of the strong pressure on the uterus;
  • For a period of 16 weeks, a triple extended test (according to indications) and an AFP test are performed… The tests are absolutely safe and necessary to detect spina bifida and Down syndrome;
  • Before your next visit to the doctor, you should prepare and write down questions in advance. Absent-mindedness of a pregnant woman is normal, just use a notebook. After all, it is impossible to keep all the information in your head.

Nutrition for the expectant mother at the 16th week

  • Vegetarianismabout, which is very fashionable today – not a hindrance to carrying a child. Moreover, when vitamin and mineral complexes are included in the diet. But strict vegetarianism and the woman’s absolute refusal from animal proteins deprives the baby of essential amino acids. This can cause abnormalities in the development of the fetus and cause complications;
  • Strict diets, fasting and fasting for pregnant women are categorically contraindicated;
  • The diet should include foods that fully satisfy the needs of the mother and child for vitamins, minerals and nutrients;
  • Sources of protein – meat, dairy products, fish, legumes, nuts, cereals, seeds. Chicken, beef, rabbit, and turkey are the healthiest. Fish should be present in the diet at least twice a week;
  • Complex carbohydrates are preferredthat do not cause weight gain and are digested for a long time – coarse bread, bran, whole cereals, fruits and vegetables along with the peel; see what fruits are good for pregnancy.
  • There should be more vegetable fats than animal fats, and salt should be replaced with iodized salt and use it in a minimum amount;
  • You should not limit yourself in liquid. Per day, the rate of fluid you drink should be equal to 1.5-2 liters

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