What to do on maternity leave – advice for expectant mothers

Today’s pace of life, working regime and huge volumes of processed information are perceived by a woman as normal. It will surprise no one that work for most women takes about 80% of their time and, even while at home, their brains work on problems or tasks set by the employer. It is not surprising that prenatal leave leaves most of these women in a stupor, they wonder what to do before giving birth, and how to plan their time correctly?

In this article we will try to understand this issue and put everything “on the shelves”, we will try to help you plan your time correctly.

So, a woman who goes on maternity leave needs to understand that this time has been given to her in order to morally and physically relax and prepare for childbirth.

First, you need to plan your working day. Yes, yes, it is a worker, because now your main task is to prepare for the appearance of a baby, both physical and moral.

Listen to your biological clock

If you are an “owl” do not fly “headlong” with half-closed eyes to the kitchen to cook breakfast for my husband. Prepare everything in the evening or talk to your husband, explain that having breakfast himself, he will help you a lot, give you and your child a rest, because in a couple of months it will be a great luxury.

If you are a morning person, waking up in the morning, lie down a little, think over plans for the day, listen to the baby’s stirring, and then, if this is not a burden for you, prepare breakfast for your husband, take him to work with a smile, let your maternity leave be a rest for him too.

Do not lie in bed for a very long time, do not forget to do morning exercises, which can then be repeated during the day, this will prepare your body for the upcoming birth, make them easier. But don’t overdo it! If any exercise gives you discomfort, pain, or leads to increased fetal activity, stop immediately. Many specialized sites will help you find the necessary exercises, but do not forget to consult with your doctor if you have any contraindications.

During the day, do not overload yourself with household chores, distribute them evenly throughout the day, alternating with frequent rest. Do not try to do everything in one day, you still have a lot of time before giving birth – you will have time.

During the day, devote time to planning the children’s room, choosing the necessary furniture for it, and taking care of its arrangement. Many simple interior programs can help you with this, and if you find it difficult to understand them, you can simply draw several options for the arrangement on the sheet, and in the evening, while relaxing with your husband, discuss all possible options and choose the best one. This will not only give you the opportunity to choose the right option, but will also bring you closer and lift your spirits.

It is very important to plan all the necessary purchases for the unborn baby during maternity leave. And, if you are not superstitious, then start implementing them. If you do not want to buy things and other things in advance, then it is very important to acquaint your husband with all the necessary purchases and your wishes regarding them. After all, after the birth of a child, you will not be able to devote the necessary amount of time to this, and all the worries will fall on the shoulders of your husband.

When shaping your daily routine, remember that your today’s routine is the routine of your unborn child, which will be very difficult to rebuild. Therefore, do not stay up late, do not get carried away by TV at night, and limit the night walking around the house to only the essentials. Try to sleep soundly and do not overeat at night.

Here are the main points to focus on for moms-to-be. And remember: everything should be in moderation – rest and work.

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