Which Are the Best Flowers to Show Sympathy?

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful experiences any of us will ever endure in our lifetime. While words of support can only do so much to help the grieving family, you can express your condolences and support through meaningful gestures. Flowers are a fantastic way to comfort your loved ones and show sympathy in an understated manner. It shows your loved one that you are there without overstepping any boundaries. If you are searching for sympathy flowers to send to someone who has suffered a loss, you can rely on this guide to make the right choice of blooms for your floral arrangement.


Roses are one of the most timeless and versatile choices and can be used to express multiple emotions through assorted colors. While vibrant colors suit happy occasions well, white is the ideal color for roses to express sympathy for someone grieving a significant loss. White roses symbolize peace, comfort, and tranquility, and are the ideal flowers to memorialize the decedent and say farewell. White roses can be gifted on their own or combined with other soft-colored blooms to create a floral arrangement for a funeral service. These flowers are a great gift for someone who has experienced a sudden loss.


Carnations are a popular bloom for memorial service wreaths and are renowned for their longevity and beautiful fragrance. These add texture and volume to any floral arrangement and can be paired with other types to create a bouquet that expresses love and support for grieving family members. Like white roses, white carnations are a symbol of peace, gratitude, purity, and remembrance. A wreath made with carnations is a decent addition to a funeral service celebrating a life well lived. Your loved one will appreciate the detail that went into their bouquet and feel less alone.


Lilies are the quintessential blooms for funeral services as they symbolize peace, compassion, purity, and resurrection. A bouquet comprising lilies in soft hues is the ideal way to show support to your loved ones and provide comfort in a challenging time. Lilies represent the departed soul achieving peace after death. They are a poignant symbol of serenity in an otherwise emotional period. Lilies pair well with roses, carnations, daisies, orchids, and other popular that are used in a funeral or memorial service arrangements.


Orchids are delicate blooms that are used to express sympathy and comfort decently. These types are ideal to show solidarity and support for your loved ones at a tumultuous time in their life. They can be used to show different emotions depending on their color and placement in a floral arrangement. White, pink, and purple are the most used colors of orchids in sympathy bouquets and blend well with other blooms to create a comforting package for a grieving individual or family. These flowers are a thoughtful gift for someone who needs a symbol to remind them that they aren’t alone.


Roses, orchids, lilies, and carnations are some of the most popular flowers used throughout the world to express love, peace, comfort, and sympathy for your loved ones as they navigate a difficult loss. Gifting someone an arrangement is a thoughtful way to show someone that you’re there for them. Although white is the most popular color of blooms used to express comfort and sympathy for funeral and memorial services, other soft can be used to add a touch of hope and love to your preferred floral arrangement. These types of gifts are a wonderful way to show your loved one that they are going to be okay. While it’s hard to express this comfort, these flowers can show them that they are not going through this grief alone.

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