Which maternity and nursing pillow is right for you?

Maternity and nursing pillowWhat does the expectant mother need for the normal development of the baby, in addition to nutrition, fresh air and a full diet? Of course, healthy sleep and quality rest. Everyone knows how every pregnant woman suffers, trying to fit her belly more comfortably – either putting a blanket under it, then a pillow, or hugging the blanket with her legs. This problem does not disappear even after the birth of the baby – when feeding, comfort is no less important. To help expectant mothers, pillows for pregnant women have been created.

Which ones are the most convenient and how do they differ?

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Why do you need a maternity and nursing pillow?

Maternity and nursing pillowAs a rule, sleep problems begin in the second half of pregnancy: legs swell, pulling pains in the back appear – you simply cannot sleep fully. A pillow for pregnant women and nursing mothers helps to solve this problem.
The most important advantage of the pillow is you can … sleep on it… That is, do not toss and turn, do not sit on the blanket, do not pull your own pillow down, but sleep comfortably and serenely. Such pillows have different shapes, according to the needs, and different fillings.

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What else is the use of such a pillow?

  • The expectant mother back does not get tired in the supine position.
  • Legs and tummy are provided good rest, and to the expectant mother herself – the comfort that was so lacking.

After the baby is born, using a pillow, you can:

  • How to choose a pillow for pregnant and nursingFree your hands to relieve stress on the back muscles when feeding… This is especially true if the baby is eating slowly.
  • Create a cozy nest for games and even baby sleep
  • Make the feeding process as convenient as possible, even for twins.
  • Reduce the strain on your hands.
  • Help your child learn to sit etc.

Such pillows have light weight, cotton cover, removable pillowcases and pockets for, for example, a TV remote control or a telephone. They can be swiveled around the waist when resting or placed in the correct feeding position for babies.

What kind of maternity and nursing pillows are there?

There are many forms of pillows for nursing and pregnant women – every expectant mother will be able to find her own version for good sleep and rest.

  • Boomerang form.
    Small size, easily takes the desired shape. On such a pillow, you can comfortably place your tummy without harming it and your back, and after childbirth, you can use it for feeding. Disadvantage: During sleep, you will have to roll over on the other side right with the pillow.
    Pillow for pregnant and nursing Boomerang
  • Form “G”.
    One of the most popular. Combines head and tummy bolster. With such a pillow – no extra is needed. You can place it under your head, while clasping it with your legs. The pillow can be easily converted into a feeding device.
    maternity and nursing pillow, shape D
  • Shape “U”.
    Big sizes. The length can be up to three meters. One of the most comfortable pillows for the late trimester, you can put your leg on one edge and position your tummy, and the other edge provides support for your back. There is no need to drag the pillow from one side to the other when turning. Minus – large size (aka plus).
    maternity and nursing pillow U shape
  • Form “Bagel”.
    Same functions as the U-shaped pillow, except for a more compact size.
    Pillow for pregnant women and lactating bagels
  • Form “J”.
    Helps support the tummy, relieves tension from the back muscles, reduces the risk of pinching of nerve endings due to incorrect position. Used before childbirth and during feeding.
    maternity and nursing pillow J shape
  • Form “C”.
    The purpose is the same – to support the tummy for sleeping on the side. Later, this pillow will be very comfortable for the baby during sleep and wakefulness.
    maternity and nursing pillow form C
  • Form “I”.
    This pillow has no bends, but it will also be useful when resting in a lying and sitting position.
    maternity and nursing pillow form I
  • Form “big”.
    As huge as the U and versatile. The difference is that one end is shorter, which allows you to give the pillow any shape, even wrap it around in a circle.
    Maternity and nursing pillow Big

Pillow filler for pregnant and lactating mothers – which one is better?

The main fillers for nursing and pregnant pillows are holofiber and polystyrene foam balls… The third option is foam rubber, we will not consider it (it loses to the first two on almost all counts).

What are the differences between these two fillers?

Holofiber – filler features:

  • Pillow filler for pregnant and lactating women - holofiberLoses its shape rather quickly.
  • It bends under the weight of the baby.
  • Does not absorb moisture and odors.
  • Differs in softness, springiness.
  • The pillow can be washed directly with the filler.
  • Does not make unnecessary noise (does not rustle).
  • Affordable cost.

Styrofoam balls – features of the filler:

  • Filler for maternity and nursing pillow - polystyrene foam ballsHolds its shape for a long time.
  • It does not bend under the baby’s weight (that is, it is not necessary to bend over to the pillow when feeding).
  • Also does not absorb odor / moisture.
  • The pillow is generally soft. Density is characteristic of the fixed position.
  • Washing the pillow together with the filler is not allowed. Only the pillowcase is washable.
  • It rustles when used (this is not always convenient – you can wake up the baby).
  • The cost is higher in comparison with holofiber.

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