Who is a coach and how to become one – coaching from scratch and your path to success!

How to become a coach from scratch?Without constant self-development, self-improvement and expanding horizons and a range of skills, it is quite difficult to achieve success in the modern world. Our time requires activity and constant work on ourselves. And what is most important, given the information overload, you need to be able not only to absorb new knowledge, but also to structure it and highlight the main thing.

This is where such a specialist as a coach helps, who leads specialists to their professional success.

The content of the article:

  1. What is a coach?
  2. Features of work, pros and cons
  3. Necessary skills, personal qualities
  4. How to become a coach from scratch, where and how to study?
  5. Coach career and salary – prospects
  6. Where to look for a job and how to get a job?

What is a coach?

The term “coach” still remains in Russia an unfamiliar overseas word, shrouded, of course, by many myths.

Despite the low popularity of the term, the profession itself is becoming in demand, relevant and one of the most actively developing.

It is important to understand that a coach is not a “god” who solves all problems. This is the person who guides you in your search for these solutions.

Who is he after all, is this coach a coach, an ordinary mentor, or who else?

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The main task of a coach – to direct the person towards the intended goal.

The coach does not solve problems, and does not offer ready-made ideas and programs.

So, coach …

  • Get to know your motivation.
  • Helps to formulate the desired goal.
  • Encourages the student to discover independently.
  • It helps to reach the desired “destination”, achieve the desired results, achieve a bright future and make it real.
  • Helps get rid of fears and insecurities, reveal hidden abilities.
  • A priori considers the student to be responsible and reliable.

Who is a coach and how to become a coach from scratch?

Features of work as a coach, pros and cons

What goals does the coach help you achieve?

In fact, these can be completely different goals inherent in our time.

Among the most popular:

  1. Achieving a specific result, success.
  2. Achieving the required amount of income, independence.
  3. Overcoming your internal boundaries, complexes.
  4. Unleashing potential.


Of course, everyone himself is able to achieve the set goals, but the coach helps to do it faster, with less loss of energy and nerves, with fewer mistakes.

Often the work of a coach is compared to that of a coach, but their approach is fundamentally different. In addition, the coach is obliged to bring his work to the final set result.

A few facts about coaches:

  • Coaching usually comes from a wide variety of backgrounds.: from managers and psychotherapist to lawyers and athletes. Anyone can have a desire to master this profession.
  • Many coaches work remotely.
  • 1 session (lesson) with a coach takes 30-60 minutes

Profession benefits:

  1. Relevance and growing demand.
  2. Quite a high salary.
  3. The creative nature of the work.
  4. The ability to help people.
  5. Free schedule and the ability to work remotely.
  6. Continuous development.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • Not everyone is capable of becoming a real coach. Unfortunately, among the coaches there are many absolute laymen in their field, which, however, does not prevent them from taking money for empty services.
  • Many “burn out” at work due to psychological exhaustion after intensive work with clients.
  • Profession training costs a pretty penny.
  • The coach is responsible for the further path on which he directs his student.

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Necessary skills, personal qualities for working as a coach

Of course, first of all, the coach must be successful in the area in which he offers development to his students. It is unlikely that a coach is capable of “raising” a successful businessman if he himself understands business no more than a housewife.

Regarding the standard requirements for coaches, companies usually expect people with …

  1. Higher education.
  2. Lack of bad habits.
  3. A “package” of personal qualities corresponding to the profession.
  4. A set of necessary abilities (analytics and logic, psychology, the ability to work with information, etc.).
  5. Good physical shape (activity, energy, a solid resource of strength for intensive work).

The personal qualities that a good coach needs include:

  • Sociability, the ability to arrange a person, instill confidence in oneself.
  • Intellectual development.
  • Emotional, psychological stability.
  • Optimistic attitude, benevolence and cordiality.
  • Ability to analyze, combine, draw conclusions, highlight the main thing – to work with volumes of information.
  • Self confidence.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Flexibility, ability to learn, change, grow.

Training of a coach - is it necessary to get an education, and where to study the profession of a coach?

How to become a coach from scratch, where and how to study – necessary professions, courses, trainings, self-education

So far, the country does not teach coaches at universities. But a psychological education or a “managerial” diploma becomes a good basis for mastering the profession.

However, there are modern private schools, which prepare people for this work in a few months.

In addition, experts recommend that every novice coach, at the very beginning of his dizzying career, use the services of a professional coach with solid experience in order to feel the nuances of his work and achieve the desired success himself, at the same time studying how this scheme and this specialist work.

Does the coach need educational documents?

The main task of a coach is the result. And, if a specialist is able to successfully complete this task, then no one will notice the absence of awards, certificates and other documents confirming the coach’s talents.

However, there is a document that will become the best and most weighty proof of a coach’s competence (after the results of his work, of course) – this is an international certificate from ICF (note – International Coach Federation).

This International Federation of Coaches is the largest organization in this field, for more than 2 decades it has been forging professional personnel for successful work in different countries of the world – wherever training centers have received the appropriate accreditation.

Where else can you learn to be a coach?

  1. Modern Science and Technology Academy (courses).
  2. International Academy of Expertise and Assessment (distance courses).

Representative offices:

  • International Coaching Center.
  • Ericksonian University of Coaching.
  • School of Coaching at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology.

Important points for the future coach to know:

  • The coach is not obliged to be a super-expert in the question on which the student applied.… This specialist does not give advice – they only ask questions and stimulate the student to independently search for the right path, to understand their goals and obstacles on the way to these goals. But on the other hand, the success of a coach in a particular issue still directly depends on knowledge and experience in the right areas. A financial coach is unlikely to inspire confidence if he himself looks like someone who still needs to “cut and cut” before he succeeds. That is, for development, it is still recommended to choose exactly those directions in which the future coach feels “like a fish in water”.
  • Each person has an inner undiscovered potential. But a coach doesn’t have to be a psychologist – he doesn’t diagnose! The coach must be a partner and mentor.

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Coach career and salary – job prospects

The salary range in the coach profession is very wide. Earnings depend on the professionalism and talent of a specialist, on his relevance, on experience and resume, etc.

Most often, a coach has an hourly salary, which ranges from 1000 rubles – and up to 3-4 thousand dollars, depending on the coach himself, the client and the company.

As for the work of a coach with personnel at the enterprise, here the salary is usually fixed, and, on average, is from 25,000 to 150,000 rubles per month for the 2018th current year

A coach’s career depends on his talent and relevance. The more successful a coach is, the higher his salary, the more doors open for him to the world of success and prosperity.

Coach career and salary

Where to look for a coach job and how to get a job – advice from experienced

The most popular jobs for coaches: where to go for a beginner specialist?

  • Private practice. A very promising and, most importantly, a comfortable option. But it needs a base. Namely, the customer base. And the wider the better. And a great reputation.
  • Coaching center. Ideal for beginners. The company itself provides clients and provides an opportunity to earn and grow in a professional sense. True, half of the salary will have to be given to the company (as payment for gaining experience, practice, clients, growth and opportunities).
  • HR department in a company. Not a single large organization can do today without coaches working on a regular basis with staff. And the larger the company, the higher the coach’s earnings.

The main methods of finding clients: the most “fishy” places and ways for a coach:

  • Word of mouth. Most often, coaches are “advertised” by former clients who have been able to achieve success.
  • Blogs, personal website, social networks.
  • Flyers, handouts, press releases.
  • Giving lectures and participating in hobby clubs.
  • Conducting trial coaching sessions.
  • Using tools such as courses, workshops, trainings, and coaching presentation meetings.
  • Mailing list.
  • Participation in thematic radio / TV programs.
  • And other ways. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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